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3D Animation Production Process

3D Animation
3D Animation

The trend of technology is increasing as each day passes. Different types of technologies are now transforming the world around us. The prime use of technology in educating the audience is diverse. It includes whiteboard animations that are also explanatory videos.


Today, different Video Production Studios are in high demand. But the question here is what exactly makes them desirable?


The reason lies in their 3D Animation Videos. The process to produce these videos is quite extensive. It needs technical professionals to render the services of a particular studio they are working for.


Some of these are major Production Studios and are skillful at satisfying their clients. The motion graphics and 3D Animation experts are offering quality video production. Their productions include 3D Animation Videos as per the requirements of the potential clients.


It is important to go deeper into the Animation production process. A production studio must inform its consumers about it. It is the same process that makes the magic happen in all Animation videos.


So, do you want to know more about the process?  Continue reading the article for a better understanding.


How do we define 3D Animation?


Before jumping into the entire process of Animation Production, let’s have a quick look at the definition.


The definition lies in the name. 3D Animation videos are those creations that include a three-dimensional scope. These videos contain virtual items or objects that seem real. You might be thinking what makes them real in the video? It’s the illusion, the studios have to include in their creations.


The process uses 2D technology to enhance the existing two-dimensional objects into three-dimensional images. This gives rise to an entire whole video after its completion. The two-dimensional creations differ from three-dimensional ones to a large extent.


3D objects have a real-looking appearance. The quality stays the same on zooming them in or zooming them out on the computer screens. While 2D images are more cartoon-looking. Their quality is way less than 3D animations or solo images.


05 Important Benefits of 3D Animation Videos:


The list of their benefits never ends. But the below benefits will help you understand their significance in this section.


  • Audience-friendly nature: These days, different start-ups and businesses are looking for 3D Animation videos to excel their brand. It is obvious that the need for such digitally produced services is not small. The sole reason is the audience-friendly nature of such videos. These are relatable to every age group.


From children to adults, everyone likes 3D Animation. So if we put them together into a video, then? It creates a high-resonating impact on the audience.


  • Source of Interaction: If you are a company that promotes e-learning, then 3D Animation videos can prove to be the best for you. Why? Because of this grabs attention. These boost the interaction of the audience with your service. Who does not like 3D people talking to you or explaining a concept within the video?


  • More Convertible: You can explore different stats which say how important 3D videos are in this digital era. Videos are more convertible than textual content. Visual content is appealing to the eyes and ears. It can increase your conversion rate as an enterprise too.


People like to see something that is interesting. If they find it interesting, they would stick to it their whole life. It is exactly what 3D Animation videos have to do.


  • Budget-oriented: If you choose 3D Animation videos to promote your brand, you are making a good choice. It is because these are not expensive at all. Today, you can hire a freelancer that can produce your 3D Animation videos.


For high-quality 3d animation services, contact BuzzFlick. These professionals provide excellent animation and motion graphic services.


Or in the other case, if you do not know about motion graphics, it is another lucrative sub-domain.  It renders all the qualities you are looking for in your projects. It is obvious because motion graphics breathe life into any kind of video.


3D Animation Production Process:


As we discussed earlier, the process involves many technical aspects. These might not be perceivable to you unless you have a skillful background. But we are going to make sure that you extract the necessary information from this debate.


Let’s divide the entire process into small pieces for you!


  • Before Production: It is the initial stage of the 3D Animation production process. The step starts with working on an idea. The clients come with an existing idea in their minds. We discuss the idea with them in detail.


Get all the important information. The step then includes storytelling. It means what exactly a specific 3D Animation video should explain to its audience.

The next take is to write the script for the whole video. It depicts the dialogues of the animated characters. It also includes the storyline of the video. The last thing to do is to develop a storyboard which is a virtual version of the script.


  • Production: The second step is production. It is where the major part of the magic happens. The team has to start working on the 3D Animation aspect of the video. The members also expand the previous step of the process in this developing phase. The first thing to do is to create 3D layouts and models.


The purpose of these is to give an idea of what exactly the video theme will look like in animated form. A 3D layout will give you the appearance and personality traits of each character. 3D modeling refers to the geometrical depiction of the characters. It involves different modeling software for ease.


Now, this leads to 3D Texturing and 3D Rigging. The process of texturing includes giving colors and different attributes to the characters. While rigging is for individual movements. It allows the animated characters to move their body parts seamlessly while the video functions.


The next step is to finally 3D Animate the characters. Imagine a 3D character dancing in a video. The reason behind its movements is the process of animation. The VFX is for extra effects in the video. These are natural happenings like rain a sudden fire etc.


The last two steps are lighting and rendering. The lighting is for giving final touches to the video in the production phase. The artist adjusts the lights of a slide or the entire video in some cases. Rendering in 3D Animation Videos means layer distribution. The technician divides this video into layers.


  • After Production: The phase begins with Compositing. The artist has to re-combine the layers again. Well, the difficulty level of this phase depends on the number of layers for the particular video. The next thing to do is to include 2D VFX. If the client needs extra effects like smoke, raindrops, and thunder, 2D VFX can help a lot.


The next step is Color Grading. The artists have to make sure that the colors are suitable for the video. Any negligence in color grading can reduce the quality of the 3D Animation video newly produced.

What is an Ideal 3D Animation Video?

On a technical basis, there are many factors that determine the quality of a video. But one of the easiest ways to test a video is its device-friendly behavior. The video must be supportive of every device. It means it should be playable on a desktop/laptop. It should not undergo any glitch on a medium device like a tablet or an iPad. Similarly, it should not malfunction on mobile phones.


The artists make sure that the videos are compatible with all of the devices. So that you can enjoy these videos with the same quality. No matter what device you are using, you will feel the exact pleasure you want to.


Closing Remarks

You will now have a quick idea what is the process to produce 3D Animation Videos. The discussion boasts complete transparency of the procedure. It is the best possible practice to read the article once before fighting with any kind of query.


We have tried to give you a synopsis of the entire process. There is a less technical tone to it for your convenience. There are different advantages of 3D Animation Videos. The giants are looking up to production studios like us for excellent services. The dominance of 3D Animation videos is gradually improving.

The whole process can be overwhelming for you but you can leave it to the professionals like BuzzFlick, a video animation agency for premium quality 3D Animation videos and other services like motion graphics. You can approach their website for more details. They house a team of experts that can impressively assist you with your ideas and queries.


All the sectors are now trying to boost sales through visual and video-based content. The ideal videos do not hinder the device’s functioning. The quality of such videos never alters. As our valuable consumer, you must keep this testing criterion in mind. It will save you from paying for any sort of low-quality videos every time.


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