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5 Apps for Shopkeepers

Running a shop means learning how to organize, gaining the most from whatever you have, and acclimating your shops to the changing time. Maintaining the shops has come a long way. From just an earlier decade, we have gone from bulky registers and a never-ending stack of paperwork to using a single device to sell anywhere. 

With the present day’s evolving technology, shopkeepers can run their business with nothing more than a gadget of their own.

Using time-saving tools on your mobile device benefits brick and mortar retailers. In short, you can easily manage your shop with the help of various mobile applications. 

Here we present the list of top 5 mobile applications for shopkeepers, that will make your life hassle-free. You can download them from the Google play store on your android or IOS device and start optimizing your business to the maximum level. 

Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp Business app is a free-to-download app that lets you connect one-on-one or in group chats. This was built while keeping the requirements of small businesses in mind. It is a simple, fast, secure, and calling app which is available all over the globe. You need to download the app on your mobile phone. 

Add people from your contacts and you are all set up for enhancing our business. Under this, you can easily create your catalog and display your products or services.

Communicate with your customers skillfully by operating tools to sort, automate, and quickly answer messages. This application helps medium and large businesses in delivering important notifications to their customers and also provides the facility of customer support. 


The Lio app allows shop owners to easily track and manage their operations, accounting, staff, CRM, and important data. This easy-to-use app allows you to make lists, create tables, and keep records. It has 60+ templates covering various categories. You can also create a new document as you please. 

The best part is that it is free of cost and there is no need to have prior basic knowledge of anything. You can collaborate and share the documents with other people on Whatsapp, Gmail, and other social apps. It provides you the facility of uploading the images of your receipts for future reference. 

You can maintain the list of your customers and track their buying behavior for evaluation purposes and also help you to open your excel file on mobile. You can operate this application in your local language as well. It’s incredibly convenient and gives pricier business management tools a run for their money.


Asana is a stellar project management app that helps you in organizing tasks through cards and tabs. As you complete one task, you can easily shift the card from one tab to another. You will get notified regarding the status of the cards. The application does a good job of integrating hundreds of apps like slack, google calendar, GSuite, etc.

This app is easy to use and its intuitive design makes users navigate easily. So when you are confused about doing so many tasks at a time, start managing it on Asana, and then work on them one by one. You can also assign the task to individual people under this. 


Wise shopkeepers like you already know how much the customers like good deals. One of the finest applications to publicize these deals is on Groupon.

It has around 35 million users, hence giving you an amazing platform on the market that stimulate your business ahead of that many possible customers. 

It is currently operating in 15 global countries, which gives you the chance for not only reaching the local customers but also the tourists who will be visiting your city.

For example, a consumer from New York could encounter your local Delhi Groupon deal and adds the same to their vacation itinerary when they visit the capital. Groupon charges you only a percentage of the revenue that you will make from their platform. 


You need to make an alluring and efficient floor plan for your storefront. It is often challenging for retailers to visualize how they will optimize their space.

That is where MagiPlan will assist you. Using augmented actuality, shopkeepers can construct proficient floor plans simply by clicking pictures.

Use this application to view your area in 3D, generate complete job estimates, furnish your space, or plan DIY projects. This app helps you to design, measure, and place furnishings and showcases in your store prior to breaking the bank buying these expensive items.

It will also avert the damage on your floors from shuffling large furniture, something we very well know your lessor will appreciate.


We hope these applications will help you make you work smarter rather than work harder. These mobile apps will save you time so that you can concentrate on other more prominent things.

If you have a suitable app operating for your store, then you can certainly accomplish more than what you intended. 


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