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5 Effective Ways to Prevent Cyber Attacks in 2022


Internet comes with many vulnerabilities. In this fast-paced digital world, you need pivotal and robust techniques to shield your data from the inquisitive eyes of cybercriminals and government surveillance. The FBI reported an increase of $170.4 billion in cybercrime cases in 2022. Moreover, new predictions have declared that the cost of cybercrime will exceed $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. The situation is getting worse, so there must be very secure strategies to beat the circumstances. 

With a VPN, you can protect your data in every way to prevent data logging in 2022. Mostly, when you hear the term VPN, an image pops up in your mind that portrays a privacy and security tool along with various characteristics. So, we have curated this guide to provide awareness about 5 effective ways to prevent data-logging in 2022 with a premium VPN. 

What is a Cyber Attack and How to Prevent it?

A Cyberattack is a virtual assault by a third party on any network, software, device, or server, with the hideous planning of accessing the user data for demolishing, leaking it over the internet, selling it to the dark web, holding it for ransomware or various evil means. Do you know how often a cyberattack can occur? 59% of companies experienced malicious code and botnets as well as 51% of companies experienced denial of service attacks. This equates to 2200 cyberattacks per day. Therefore, to stay safe in such an endangered condition, you need to get a subscription to a reputable VPN service to put a digital lock over your sensitive information. In the list of the most trustworthy VPNs, you can use one with the free trial, and testing Surfshark free trial would be a great way to secure your browsing activities, sensitive files, and organizational data with a risk-free VPN. Additionally, you can use VPN streaming purposes to unblock geo-blocked channels. To watch several streaming channels with complete privacy and security, a VPN is a demanding tool. For instance, Hulu in South Africa, Disney+ in France, and Hotstar in USA

1. Ensure Using a VPN if your Employees Working Remotely 

Employees in your organization or small business, who work from home, can pose massive damage to the organizational data if not using a VPN. The company portals they access can be at regular risk if they are not taking precautionary measures to get rid of the fraudsters and dark web dealers to collect the sensitive data. Using an ordinary home internet or public WiFi, can be risky and leave your data on the edge of risk. However, connecting a VPN ensures a robust security shield to your data and routes it from encrypted virtual tunnels, transforming the data into a cipher with next-class encryption protocols that cannot be decoded by cyber attackers. It will hide every internet activity happening on your web browsers. By connecting to a reputable VPN, employees can safeguard organizational information from cyberattacks. To start using it from today, you can check Surfshark free trial. 

2. Implement Strong Passwords 

Breaking through a system, network or any site is a piece of cake for cyber attackers if not protected by strong passwords. Although an organization is using several cyber security techniques, firewalls, and VPNs, a small human error can impose big damage if the employees are using weak passwords. People who take it for granted and opt for easy passwords face vicious consequences at the end of the day when they lose their accounts and important data because a simple password is easy to break. If, however, accessing your company’s portal or your personal accounts, always make it mandatory, to implement unique passwords that are impossible to guess. 

3. Give Security Awareness Training 

Security awareness sessions are essential for the awareness of following cyber security techniques. An organization must teach its employees how to implement strong and secure forms of security so organizational data would be safe from data breaches. Mostly, advertisers and government data-logging agencies maintain records of user data.  In this regard, every new employee should be given a proper orientation program about how to recognize and prevent phishing emails, malware attacks, and denial of service attacks. When taught and shown via a crucial training program, it will assist the assets to prevent demolishing cyberattacks. 

4. Keep Updating and Patching Software Regularly 

Softwares and firewalls get old and need patching and regular updates to keep them robust and rationalize to fight any cyber vulnerabilities. Companies must make it necessary to apply a software patch. Organizations that don’t take it seriously, face damaging consequences later. Organizations that keep updating software to fight every malware, ransomware, and various evil cyberattacks perform effectively when faced with a situation as compared to the one that denied applying the patch and left with the WannaCry ransomware attack in 2017. Following a software update lessen security threats and keep your sensitive data preserved. 

5. Backup your Data 

Maintaining a backup of your data is another crucial thing that an organization must follow strictly. By making a duplicate copy of your essential information, you are saving it for an accidental situation if the data get stolen, hacked, or wiped out by a human error. Having a data backup means that you will never lose your important files. It will save a good amount of time and money which would be invested if get hacked by a disastrous cyberattack. 


Hopefully, this guide will work for you to implement five effective ways to prevent your sensitive data from horrible cyberattacks. Performing some simple tasks and using a VPN, can save your information and organizational data from damage. According to global records, 58% of businesses don’t follow data recovery plans. In this way, using a robust VPN, implementing strong passwords, software patching, and making backups of data have become mandatory. Keep that in mind, cybercriminals are always planning revolting ways to attack vulnerable networks and the ones without a backup plan would face brutal consequences. 

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