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5 Tips to Create a Flawless Excel Spreadsheet

Excel Spreadsheet

Excel is one of the most useful programs in any home or office. It can be used for a variety of tasks, from calculating simple sums to making sophisticated graphs and charts. However, it’s not just about knowing how to use Excel; PDF to Excel conversion tip also helps. You also need to know how to format your spreadsheet correctly so that it looks professional and easy to read. Here are five tips for creating flawless Excel spreadsheets:


Format column headers


There are multiple ways to make your column headers stand out and be easily distinguishable from the numbers in the spreadsheet. You can use bold, italic, or underlined formatting. You can also change the font of your headers to a different style, like script or outline.


Use good column width and row height


If you want to create a great-looking spreadsheet, you should use good column width and row height.


  • The column width of a cell should be wide enough to display all the data in that cell.
  • Similarly, the row height of a cell should be tall enough to display all the data in that cell.

You can use the Autofit feature option in Excel 2016 or later versions (shown below) to accomplish this. This automatically adjusts column width and row height based on how much content each element has or doesn’t have. According to Adobe Acrobat professionals, “The XLS and XLSX file formats are extensions used by Microsoft Excel.”


Apply cell style


To apply a cell style, follow the steps below:


  • Select the cell that you want to apply the style to.
  • Click on the ‘Home’ tab.
  • Click on the ‘Format’ option at the top of your screen.
  • Select ‘Cell Styles’ from this drop-down menu (this will open another drop-down menu).
  • Choose the style that you want to apply and press OK!


Eliminate unnecessary columns and rows


In the process of creating a spreadsheet, you may want to delete unnecessary columns and rows. First of all, make sure you are deleting the correct columns or rows. You can select multiple rows or columns in one go by using either Ctrl + A or Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar keys on your keyboard and then pressing the Delete button.


Merge cells carefully


Merging cells is an easy way to create a table of data, but if you merge cells that are used in formulas, your spreadsheet will lose its integrity. For example:


  • If cell A1 is formatted as currency and contains a number, merging it with another cell that also contains a number will cause a problem. The formula in cell B1 might say “=A1+1,” and the result will be 2 instead of 3 because of this calculation error.
  • You can avoid this problem by using the CONCATENATE function or simply by inserting commas between the numbers instead of dollar signs ($).

These five tips will help create flawless Excel spreadsheets, format column headers, use good column width and row height, apply cell style (or colors), eliminate unnecessary columns or rows, or merge cells carefully.


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