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7 Workforce Management Problems Zuper’s Geofencing Solution Fixes Quickly

As everyone knows, geofencing is a powerful tool to help merchants attract new customers through in-store marketing. But it is just as effective at streamlining your workforce management process! The most obvious use of geofencing is alerting employees when they’re near a business where they’re doing work. This will cut down on scheduling conflicts as well as commuting time. It can even eliminate the need to pay employees for travel time and gas if they live close enough to the business.

What Is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a technology that uses GPS, Wi-Fi, and other technologies to create a virtual perimeter around a location. Once the device enters this “geofence,” it receives a notification, alerting the user that they are near a specific location. This can be used by employers to help manage their staff. A geofence can be as large as your entire business premises or as small as one room in your office building. Geofencing can also help with employee productivity, scheduling conflicts, stacks of paper, time management issues, and much more.

1.      Employee Productivity

Geofencing helps employers track how long each employee spends at their desk each day. This allows employers to address low-productivity issues before they grow into bigger problems like absenteeism or tardiness.

2.      Scheduling Conflicts

When employees work remotely, it’s easy for them to get distracted and lose track of time. But with geofencing, employees will receive notifications if they stray from their work location too long or if they’re running late for meetings or appointments.

3.      Stacks of Paper

Paper documents often get misplaced or lost in the shuffle of daily business operations, which can cause headaches for employers who need quick access to important files and documents. With geofencing, employees will receive notifications when a document needs attention, so they don’t need to waste time searching through it.

4.      Time Management Issues

You want to ensure your employees get to work on time, but they may not be aware of traffic issues in their area or the best route to take. Geofencing tells employees when to leave for work and when they will arrive at their destination. By doing this, you can avoid delays and ensure productivity.

5.      Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion is one of the most common causes of tardiness for employees. When employees know there will be congestion along their route, they can plan accordingly to avoid it and arrive at work on time. This also helps reduce stress levels for both parties involved in the commute!

6.      Communication Issues

Geofencing allows employers to reach out to employees trying to go offline and alert them of potential issues. This saves time and reduces confusion for both parties. For example, suppose a team member is running late or unable to get into the office due to an accident on the road. In that case, they can receive a message notifying them of this issue as soon as they enter their designated area (i.e., parking lot). The employee will then be able to take appropriate action and notify their manager of what’s happening so that everyone can continue with their day without waiting for an update.

7.      Safety Concerns

Geofences also help businesses protect their employees from potential danger by alerting them when they enter dangerous areas or come too close to dangerous equipment. For example, if someone is working in an area where there may be electric shock hazards (such as a power station), geofencing will automatically alert them if they go too close or wander into this area without realizing it.

Consider Your Specific FSM Needs

Zuper built a geofencing solution for mobile workforce management to put employees in control of their own time. It helps solve scheduling conflicts, prioritization issues, and communication problems among multiple workers in your business—all while keeping safety at the forefront.


Overall, geofencing can make all the difference in how smoothly your workforce management runs. It helps identify problems before they become issues, and systems are advanced enough to solve them quickly. Of course, what works wonders for one company may not be quite as suitable for another, so you should evaluate your needs before deciding on a solution. But one thing’s


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