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Amazing Apps You Don’t Even Know Would Be Useful

Amazing Apps

What is the coolest app ever?

There are a lot of apps you have neither seen nor heard of. These applications range from essential productivity tools and addictive games to great features used to customize your phones.

Some best Amazing apps to have on your phone will change your perception of how you see Android. Some automate normal tasks, others enhance the user interface, and some control features in the control system and make them more effective.


Photopills And Sunsurveyor

These two Amazing apps work almost the same way and have almost similar functions. If you are a photographer, these are among the essential tools. Enough light for this profession will give you the most impressive work. Photographers get good information from PhotoPills and SunSurveyor to make them more productive.

Depending on the results of a given location, the software will find out when and where the sun will set and rise on a particular day, how the moon will behave, and recommend you the best position to carry out your photography. Photographers employ 2D and 3D planning and virtual reality in their work.

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Call Recorder for iPhone

Call Recorder for iPhone makes it possible to record calls, both outgoing and incoming calls in seconds. With this feature, you can turn your conversations into voice notes to use later.

Call Recorder for iPhone – an essential application used in a business or on a personal level. Being the best phone Call Recorder app for iPhone, it is used by journalists, hiring managers, businessmen, lawyers, and other professionals, and any individuals who want to keep phone call records should download the app. When you get a free trial period in a phone recorder app, it will automatically expire when you make a subscription to your publication.

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Morning Routine (Android)

Morning Routine is an application with an alarm to help people who find it hard to wake up early because they need some encouragement– though it will disrupt your sleep. With this app, you will get an option where you won’t shut off the alarm until you scan the barcodes of selected household items. Doing this will wake you awake and lets you adjust to tight schedules.

Try-It-On (iOS & Android)

Suppose you are a makeup lover and don’t want to use a lot of money when purchasing products, or do a germaphobe and don’t trust some of the disinfecting procedures. Try It On Will show you exactly how your face will look in different makeup shades. You must upload your photo, use a barcode reader to scan the products, and preview how the lipstick will look on your skin. Try-It-On is a cool app for you, make use of it.

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TEDICT is a good app for English lovers. This app is easy to use, and you must study what to do. You are asked to write down the recordings based on the TED lectures. You are provided with slots where you can insert letters – your work is listening to the phrases and putting them down correctly in the given spaces. The TENDICT app is good for listening to good English comprehension and getting good TED lectures.

Super Status Bar

When using Android, most features can be customized easily, but most individuals ignore the state of the status bar. This app is flexible, and you can make necessary changes.

You can use the Super Status app to change your volume level or brightness by swiping the top of your screen.


If you are studying and want a solution to maths problems, you need to get this app as your assistant. Photomath is among the most popular app for math problems. It uses AI to solve math problems.

You just have to take a screenshot of the math quiz, and Photomath will automatically solve it. Therefore, this app is much more productive, especially if you are going to sit for an exam soon.

Universal Copy

Copy and paste feature is among the most notable features in Android. But you may be frustrated when you realize that some websites don’t allow you to copy and paste their work.

Universal Copy makes it possible to copy almost anything from any website, including photos and text. This feature works well with any system. You should grant permission where required when you want to copy some content. You need to launch the app with the link on the notification bar and then enable scanning mode on the image.


When preparing for an exam, getting ready for the next day’s lesson, or just working on a new topic, it is difficult to revise the areas of weaknesses you have. To solve those problems, Anki is the best solution you would find.


This is the best app for you if you are a video lover. Tubemate will serve you well when downloading videos from any site, including all major social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. With Tubemate, be assured of getting the most quality videos.


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