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Best Tricks and Methods Used by MLBB Pro Gamers


Friendly saying mostly new MLBB game player’s unable to play a game against pro players. Because they don’t know about different MLBB game tricks and techniques that MLBB pro gamers use while playing the game which helps them to beat their enemies and also helps them to boost their ranking in the game faster.

Like other MOBA (mobile multiplayer online battle arena) Games MLBB game also has a ton of different game features, Heroes, skins, emotes, recalls, game modes, and many more things. Friendly all ML players don’t know how to use these all-game resources and features to get more advantages.

Friendly saying these legal tricks and techniques are a little bit complicated due to which most players prefer Mod menu version of game or hacking tool and patching apps which help them to modify the whole game by injecting different exploit game codes to original game codes.

These third-party hacking tools or apps are not legal and safe to download and use. Due to this many players have lost their game accounts. To help ML players who are trying to get to the top tier ranks in MLBB leader boards list without banning their game account legally.

We have tried to mention a few tricks and techniques which most pro gamers use while playing the game online against other players in battle. Apart from these at some points, ML players might be looking to make a shortcut, here when you make a download, it will do all the essential work for you and make you an unbeatable person in the arena.

Before going to discuss all tricks, techniques, and short pro gamer use while playing MLBB games. we will first mention the game objective which ML players must know before playing the game. If you are a new player then you must read the game object below.

What is the MLBB game objective?

Friendly saying every online and offline game has its objective which players have to complete to win the game. Like other games, ML game has a simple objective in which players have to take down or destroy all enemy bases and also kill them to win the game.

In MLBB game developers have divided bases into three turrets like Outer Turrets, Inner Turrets, and base Turrets. Players have to destroy all these bass to win the game. The team which destroys the bases and kills enemies in a 10-minute battle will win the game.

What heroes does MLBB Pro Gamer choose while playing ML games?

As mentioned in the above paragraph that heroes and characters play an important role. So new players should try to learn the skills of all ML heroes in training modes before playing the game in the battle arena. One thing that keeps in your mind while choosing heroes is that every ML hero has its powers and abilities so you have to assign a task to a hero according to their abilities and powers.

Apart from free heroes and characters, there are tons of premium heroes in the game that ML players have to unlock by paying meta currencies in the game shop. These premium game heroes have more skills than normal heroes and characters.

What is MLBB Pro Gamer Tricks?

There are huge numbers of tricks and techniques MLBB pro players use while playing the game. Friendly saying, we can’t mention all tricks and techniques in a single article. But still, we have mentioned a few simple tricks below which every ML player can easily use on their account like,

  • Don’t fight every time with enemies while playing the game. players also need to defend themselves while engaging with enemies too.
  • Don’t chase enemies while they are running towards their bases and or standing under their towers.
  • Protect your towers which are the main objectives of enemies.
  • Try to destroy everything in the game to get full Gold and EXP from them.
  • Constantly look on the map to know about enemy activities and positions.
  • Continue farming in-game.

How to win the MLBB game?

As mentioned above winning is achieved by destroying enemy bases and towers. Friendly saying it is not possible to destroy bases without sieging their towers. If you find yourself in an unwinnable situation then step back in the game and assess the situation and follow the below-mentioned steps too,

  • Take the whole team don’t play one-on-one fights.
  • Kill jungle monster for getting more gold and EXPs.
  • Take chance to shut down enemies.
  • Farm more to get extra power in the game.

Final Words,

MLBB Pro Gamer Tricks are simple unwritten techniques and rules which ML players use while playing the game to get the upper hand gets against other teams in the battle arena. If you want to boost your ranking in ML games by winning all games then try the above-mentioned tricks and techniques and also share them with other ML players so that more players will get benefit from them.


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