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Classroom problems faced by teachers and solutions to overcome them


Every teacher aims to provide students with quality education and ensure their academic success and growth in their professional careers. To do so, conducting effective classes for the students is important.

 In a classroom full of students, along with active and obedient ones, some students are trouble-causing. Teachers face difficulty in classroom management and teaching. Let us discuss the problems faced by teachers and some effective solutions to overcome them. 

Classroom problems faced by teachers and respective solutions 


Problem 1: Indiscipline and behavioral issues 

For effective teaching in a classroom, having well-disciplined students is important. When students are undisciplined, they don’t listen to the teachers actively, cause disturbances and affect the learning environment. Also, inappropriate behavior such as rudeness, and arrogance makes students disrespect teachers and also leads to arguments, disagreements, clashes, and fights, among students themselves. In such cases, teaching becomes quite challenging. 


  1. Set rules for the class: to overcome this problem, all teachers must set a code of conduct for their classroom. Explain to students the list of rules and regulations that are compulsory to follow. When students know the expected ways, they tend to behave rightly only.

  2. Reward the right behavior: we all like getting appreciated and rewarded. To overcome this problem, setting a reward system in the class helps. The students who behave, act, and learn rightly must be rewarded. Give them the best performer batches, smiles, certificates, or gifts. Using motivational quotes for students and this reward system will encourage all students to act in the right ways.

  3. Interact with parents: when tackling students alone becomes difficult, consulting with parents helps. Along with teachers, parents play an equal contribution to the growth of their ward. Conduct regular PTMs, and tell parents the problems their child is causing. Ask them to take necessary actions in improving the student’s behavioral and learning traits.  

Problem 2: Lack of interest in the classroom 

For effective teaching, having students interested in the classroom is important. When students lack interest in the teaching content, they avoid listening to the teachers attentively, stay distracted, and their participation is also reduced. Monotonous teaching practices can be the reason behind this.  


  1. Don’t limit teaching to textbooks: listening to the teachers reading out the textbook material is considered to be boring. So all teachers must avoid doing this. Along with theoretical classes, for a change, practical classes should be conducted too. Take students to computer, science and math labs respectively. Outdoor visits to educational places such as monuments, museums, zoos, and botanical gardens can also be conducted.

  2. Have participatory activities: the monotonous teacher-centered approach to teaching must be avoided. Sitting in the class simply as mere listeners is boring for students. So try to involve them in the class as much as possible. Conduct participatory activities such as group discussions, recitations, question-answer rounds, presentations, etc.

  3. Enhance your teaching skills: there is a possibility that the current teaching practices you follow are not effective enough to boost students’ learning interests. Teachers should try to enhance their teaching skills. You can register on the CBSE training portal to be a part of seminars, workshops, and programs that help teachers to learn the latest teaching techniques and upgrade their skills. 

Problem 3: Students facing understanding academic understanding issues 

Another problem teachers face is academic understanding issues with students. When students are not able to understand well the academic subjects being taught to them, they lose concentration in the classroom, and their scores and class performance go down. This affects the teaching growth too. 


  1. Use technology to teach: to overcome this problem, technology helps to a great extent. By using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audiovisual tools like educational videos, modules demonstrations, pictures cards, PowerPoint presentations, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. So don’t limit your teaching to textbooks and guides only.

  2. Asking students to self-study Only depending on classroom learning is not enough for effective academic understanding. Self-efforts are equally important. So ask students to be accountable and self-study every day. Ask them to keep their classroom learning and self-studies going hand in hand. Tell students to read, revise and learn at home. This will help them to come to the classes prepared and understand better. 


  1. Arrange doubt classes: to provide students with a proper academic understanding, arrange separate doubt classes for them. Answer the doubts and queries of all students one by one in these classes. Reteach or summarise once again the tougher topics. 


Lack of interest, facing difficulty in understanding the academic subjects, indiscipline, and wrong student behavior are some of the problems that teachers face in a classroom. By following the above-mentioned tips and solutions, teachers can overcome these problems. This will help teachers to conduct effective, manageable, and more learning-specific classes for learners. 

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