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Common Online Shopping Problems Faced By Customers


In Pakistan, online purchasing is quickly growing. Because of the ease it provides, many people choose to shop online. When you shop online, you can buy everything you want from the convenience and comfort of your own home.

To attract individuals to shop online, several online stores like Daraz, Telemart, and Alibaba are offering large cash-backs and discounts. They also connect with companies like Savior. In the year 2021, 108 million people bought things online. However, not everyone who shops online will be pleased with their online purchase.

According to a poll done in 2021, 73 percent of Pakistani online customers encountered difficulties when shopping. In this article, we’ll go over the most typical issues that shoppers have when purchasing online.

Here are some of the common problems customers face:

1. Problems with quality

The primary disadvantage of purchasing anything via the internet is that you have no way of knowing how good a product is. Dishonest sellers who purposefully lie to buyers to boost sales are the leading cause of faulty/sub-par products sell online; reviews aren’t always trustworthy, and no amount of research can guarantee a product’s quality.

It can be impossible for e-commerce companies to undertake quality checks on every product they sell these days, given the number of goods they handle.

Furthermore, acquiring the correct size remains a significant disadvantage when purchasing apparel and footwear online. Sizes differ from one manufacturer to the next. And since you can’t try on the items before buying them, choosing the right size is usually a challenge.

2. Problems with delivery and logistics

The delivery date is another key issue that occurs while ordering online. Although the majority of e-commerce sites include a way to track your order, this isn’t always the case. When you are not at home, the product may be delivered by delivery personnel.

In this case, product delivery will have a schedule change. If this happens more than three times, your order will be returned to the point of origin. The merchandise may be lost in transit in some situations.

Logistics is another key concern. Because a major portion of Pakistan’s population resides in tier III cities, most e-commerce companies do not deliver to these areas, they are unable to shop online.

3. Failures in digital payments

Whether a purchaser makes use of a credit/debit card, internet banking, or one of the many virtual wallets to be had today. The failure of digital bills is continually a problem while engaging in business online.

The payment quantity is regularly cut down from a customer’s account without being a credit to the promoting party because of a shaky net connection. Or a technological fault. content so that they can return and shop again more.

And getting this money isn’t easy; you have to notify the site first, then wait roughly 7-10 days for the money to be refunded to your bank account. However, as the industry focuses more on cashless transactions. As clients become more knowledgeable about making online payments, the situation is steadily improving.

4. Information on the product is missing

Even if you have the best inventory, ineffective product listings with low-quality photographs. Or inadequate product descriptions might damage your reputation. Customers may depart and shop at a competitor’s store due to an unbalanced design layout and product pages. You can construct complex product pages with high-quality product photographs and videos without worrying about server storage using Daraz.                                                                                                                         

5. Additional fees may apply

Another issue that arises while shopping online is the additional fees that are an addition throughout the payment process. The price you pay for the product will differ from what you see on the internet. The product’s price will be shown on the website without tax, shipping, or handling fees. All of these charges will be included when you make payments, and the price will increase.

6. Concerns about safety

Because so many people shop online these days, cybercriminals devise new ways to break into e-commerce websites and steal money from online customers. Customers’ names, phone numbers, addresses, and bank account numbers will all be stored on e-commerce sites. These details could be exploited if they come into the hands of fraudsters.

7. Price Fluctuation

Customers are also looking for better prices and browsing numerous platforms to acquire better deals, which is why online focus on discounts and offers. Customers feel misled when the price drops from their previous purchasing price due to price fluctuation.

Some may be accepted, but many customers may return the product and may browse for identical products at a lower price or from a rival. Sellers are always at a loss in such situations due to forward and return logistic expenditures, as well as a loss of clients.

8. Customer Service

Because online customers do not know the seller personally, they must contact the e-commerce platform’s customer support with any questions. If customer care representatives are unable to respond to consumer inquiries for whatever reason, they will undoubtedly lose that customer for good.

“Customer service” is a phrase that all merchants must take seriously. This is one of the most important aspects of both online and offline business. The customer service department is critical in ensuring that customers are happy and satisfied so that they would return to the shop.


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