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Desktop Versus Laptop – Which Is Best For Teen Students?


Desktop PCs and laptops both have advantages and disadvantages. However, it is not so much which is best as which is best for who. We look at the pros and cons of laptops versus desktops specifically for use by teenage students.

Laptop Pros 

The biggest reason most people have for selecting a laptop over a desktop PC is portability. For students, this means being able to take the laptop with them to class for note-taking. A laptop can also be used anywhere on campus. You can find a shady spot outdoors to study or get help with an assignment at the cafeteria. Having a built-in battery allows you to work from anywhere. 

A laptop is great for saving space in your dorm room and doesn’t need its own desk space. You can make yourself comfortable on your bed or a settee. This is a bonus in winter.

Laptop Cons

Laptop repairs are more difficult to have done. With a bit of know-how, you can fix a desktop PC yourself by following YouTube video instructions. But the components of a laptop are packed close together within the motherboard. In most instances, they have been soldered in place, making it impossible to remove a part. Therefore, repairs will cost you more as you must send it away to a qualified technician. 

Laptops cost more to manufacture, thus they are also more costly to purchase. The reason for the parts being more expensive is that they need to be fitted into a small area. At the same time, this must not be allowed to compromise their performance.

The sound system on a laptop is generally inferior to that of a desktop PC.

Desktop Pros 

Desktops may contain more equipment than laptops. They also come with extra slots so that you can install an SSD, for example, and use more plugins such as an external speaker or a headset so that you can study without distraction. Nowadays, this benefit is not as clear-cut due to technological advances that have increased the power of laptops while making them evermore compact. Nevertheless, when it comes to price, feature for feature the desktop is cheaper by almost half. 

A desktop can be utilized with multiple monitors. For those who can multitask, it is possible to watch a movie while browsing or playing a game. The display size is bigger for enhanced visibility and is easier on the eyes.

If you want to upgrade the RAM on your Lenovo school desktops, for example, this can be done simply. That is, provided the make and model has the extra capacity. Repairs are less expensive than for a laptop.

Desktop Cons

A desktop needs an allocated space on a desk or table to house it. You will also need a chair to sit on while you work. As it doesn’t have a battery, a desktop needs to be positioned near wall sockets so you are restricted in where you can stand it.

Desktops tend to come with lots of wires. These can present a fire risk if a wire gets worn through, possibly from riding over it repeatedly with your chair. 

Desktops make a noise. When they overheat, the fans have to work harder. This makes the sound even louder.

Choosing between a laptop and a desktop will depend on which pros and cons apply to the student.

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