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How Can Social Technographics Score Boost Your Marketing Efforts?

Social Technographics Score

Marketing is a very vibrant and dynamic field of business. New ways to reach customers and get your message across are developing constantly. It is also a very social thing, thus no wonder that a lot of marketing efforts today are directed toward the way people socialize. Increased mobility and social technology also raise the importance of technographic data and marketing tools. To keep up with the changes marketers utilize everything from such tools as mobile lead generation software to analytical methods like social technographics score. In this article, we will look at the reasons to add the latter to your marketing department’s toolkit. 

What is a social technographics score? 

In order to understand social technographics score, first, we need to know what kind of data is technographics. In B2B marketing, technographic data is defined as information about the company’s technological stack. In other words, it is the data that defines how the company interacts with technology, uses it for business purposes, and implements updates. 

Technographic data can also be applied to the general population and used in B2C marketing. This is where the different subtypes of technographics become especially important. This kind of data can be categorized in various ways, but usually, the following categories are utilized for the purpose of bringing order to marketing methodology. 

  • Hardware/software technographics. This is the data about the types of devices and software apps the subject, whether firm or person, uses. Everything from the type and purpose of the tools to their cost and popularity can be useful technographics. It can also include information about the manufacturers of those devices and the software publishers. 
  • Mobile technographics. It covers everything related to the usage of mobile devices. As mobile phones are at the very top of the most important tools for so many people, all the data about interactions with them is crucial. This includes what operating system is used, on which apps the most time is spent, and what features are utilized most. 
  • Social technographics. This is the data about the ways people utilize technology to socialize. Thus, it includes all social devices as well as the technology that enables various social media


It is easy to see that the data in these groups might often overlap. And many more categories of technographics could be defined for specific purposes. However, for the purposes of this article, we are concerned with the last group of data on this list – social technographics. Let us look at what makes them particularly interesting. 

Utilizing social technographics score for marketing 

Social technographic data clearly ranks high among the types of information that a marketer wants to know about the customer base. Social media marketing and other forms of digital marketing are on the constant rise since the beginning of this century and certainly are not going anywhere. But how does one make the most of social technographics for marketing? 

One way to put this data into action is by developing a social technographics score. It is an analytical model of assigning numerical values to entities based on the way they interact with social technology. The score would help to put the information you have about the technological habits of people into an ordered and easily usable form. 

The way it works is by building a ladder of actual or potential customers based on how they utilize social media through their customer life cycle. To achieve this, you would first need various customer profiles based on other demographic or firmographic data. The profiles you create are entirely dependent on your marketing needs and goals. For example, you might be interested in particular age groups or firms in a specific geographic region. 

When you have divided your customer base into various segments that interest you, it is time to look at their social technographics. Then you can assign them scores based on how they behave on social media and interact with marketing efforts there. The actual meanings of the score and the scale you use are entirely up to you. For example, you can use a scale of 0 to 100 and add points based on how willingly certain segments interact with brands on social media. 

In case you are unable to do, there are readymade social technographic score models out there. You can try and find either the methodology of a particular model or acquire the final product itself. Just make sure that you trust the source of the social technographics score that you want to use.

The benefits of ranking 

Finally, let us briefly look over why such ways of ranking are beneficial for marketing. A more common example of ranking is lead scoring which many firms employ to rate and rank the prospects they have. 

Social technographics score works for many of the same reasons as lead scoring. It allows you to divide your time and resources more efficiently. When you have the score that shows which groups are more likely to respond to your digital marketing strategy, you can plan ahead and direct your efforts accordingly. 

Additionally, the score will show where more work is needed, thus inspiring new developments in social media marketing. As the score gets updated after implementing new strategies or in chosen intervals of time, you will clearly see what works and what does not. This will lay the grounds for constantly improving and more successful marketing efforts.

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