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How to Ace Your Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

There is a lot of pressure on businesses to drive their digital transformation forward, especially in the wake of the most significant global push for remote working.

The pandemic pushed many companies onto platforms and services that weren’t necessarily right for them, but that doesn’t mean their journey ends. 

What some don’t realize is the digital transformation journey is exactly that; a journey. It’s an ever-changing strategy, adapting to the current needs of the business where necessary.

Here are our top three tips for acing your digital transformation.

Link Your Transformation To Your Business Strategy

Your business strategy should be your company bible, keeping you on track and helping you stay on track with the company goals.

A clear link between your digital transformation and your business strategy will ensure the movement to the cloud and other digital systems are implemented where needed, with the company goals in mind, almost guaranteeing success.

If these do not align, your implementations will be doomed from the start, and any new systems are unlikely to improve your employees’ working habits.

Start from the top, showing a willingness from the higher-ups to move in this direction. Change some operational processes and feedback to your employees, both good and bad, to show you’re being transparent throughout. This kind of openness can encourage participation and spark ideas on processes further down the chain that could be adapted that align with your business goals.

Good Quality Cloud Services

A good quality cloud service to facilitate your transformation is an obvious but often overlooked aspect of a digital transformation. The system must be easy for your employees to use while protecting your data.

Choosing a lousy system will ensure your digital transformation doesn’t make it past the testing phase and will make your employees reluctant to further changes to their processes. So, make sure you get it right!

Choose the best cloud services to help your business succeed in its digital transformation journey. Do your research and look at what you want to get out of your cloud service before purchasing, ensuring your IT department has thoroughly vetted it (you won’t believe the scam artists out there!).

Employee Awareness

If you haven’t already, start collaborating with your employees, taking their advice on where the transformation should start. These people are on the front lines of your business and will almost certainly have some process improvements to share with you. 

Getting your employees on board from the beginning and making them aware of the reasons behind these changes will set your transformation up for success.

Support your workers and listen to their concerns throughout the journey. They’ve been working in the same way for a long time, and any changes will be intimidating for them. 

Take the time to conduct training on new systems, making sure you cater to those without experience using digital assets like mobile phones. Training should include cyber awareness and digital footprint training to round out the learning experience and protect your business from cyber threats.


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