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How to build an audience with unique thumbnails


Video streaming is a fun thing, and for many people, it is an online source on which their entertainment relies. It is almost impossible for today’s generation to live a day without video streaming. And this news can be fruitful for those who are content creators on streaming sites. The more likes you will get, the more you can earn. 

However, one thing that you have to make sure of so that people only choose your video for streaming is making the video thumbnail unique. Consider an example where you are scrolling on YouTube, and suddenly you come across a video that seems catchy and amusing. Of course, you would give it a watch. So, likewise, you have to decorate the front to grab attention. 

Tips To Create Unique Thumbnails to Build an Audience

Thumbnails are usually the video covers placed as a banner on the video. It holds the title and visual representation of what the video can keep inside. People are demanding in picking what they want to watch. So, in this case, your video thumbnail should be somewhat unique. This is because the competition on the video streaming platforms is pretty harsh. You can’t get noticed in such a mess until or unless you pay attention to your video thumbnails. To make things easy, we have curated a guide below. So, scroll down and read on!

Start With a Catchy Template

One of the most crucial things for making a catchy and appealing thumbnail is to pick a template that holds details and luxurious elements. Of course, not everyone is an expert, and that’s why we should always use some aids that won’t impact the quality and efforts. For the creation of YouTube thumbnails, then considering a channel art maker application would help you a lot. With the help of the Youtube thumbnail creator, you don’t need to hire a designer or spend hours designing. These YouTube thumbnail creator apps contain all the tools. All you need is to follow the tips for tailoring it according to your preferences. 

Make sure to make it relevant.

Most of the time, we come across videos whose thumbnails are pretty catchy. But when we start watching the video, we get nothing like that. Well! This is not an excellent thought to consider as it can set a wrong impression on your viewers. So, after picking a thumbnail maker, your next mission should be to jot down what you want to convey in the title of your video by making sure that it refers to precisely what the video contains. Try to stick to relevancy and consistency that seems appealing to the viewers. 

Use High-Quality Images

Images are the only thing that can help people attract, entice, and urge them to make a decision. Moreover, images trigger people’s emotions and encourage them to click and watch. If you plan to add images to your video Thumbnail, your mission should be to consider high-quality and crispy photos. You can also consider having pictures from stock photo websites. However, make sure that whatever image you pick should be copyright-free and must connect with the theme of your video. 

Pick the Right Colors and Fonts Style

A thumbnail combines colors, photos, themes, combos, text, elements, gradients, etc. Likewise, font styles and the right color combination matter when building a solid and unique video thumbnail. You should make sure that your font style must match the context of your video. For instance, if your video is based on some formal issues, it should use a medium-sized straight font. And if it is casual or entertainment-related, make it bold yet simple. 

Add a Call To Action

Last in order but not of importance. A call to action is indeed demanded of every good-looking thumbnail. It is a thing that gives an encouraging feel to the video and makes people say WOW. This expression and reaction can surely convince people to choose you. It is another fantastic creation tactic for thumbnails. You can play along with a few terms in your thumbnail and urge people to stay connected with you. An example of a call to action can be: “Watch it to get free pro advice!” Well, you can add CTAs according to the video preferences.


So, readers, this is how you can build an audience by making a unique thumbnail. There’s no doubt that thumbnails play a significant role in grabbing attention. But making sure that what a thumbnail is presenting must be present inside the video – so it can build trust. It would always be good to consider the mentioned tips for creating a unique thumbnail. However, your brainstorming and planning still matter to shape the thumbnail in good form. If you are new to this, you can consider using a good thumbnail maker app as it can give ease and freedom to the design process.


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