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How To Create A Custom Price Calculator And Add It To Your Website

Custom Price Calculator

If you are running an e-commerce business, it is crucial for you to have a custom price calculator on your website. Most potential buyers are eager to see clear figures and sums before they go ahead and purchase their preferred product or service. This is where a website calculator comes in handy.

But why is it important to have a custom price calculator on your website? Here are some of the reasons why you need to have an interactive online calculator on your site.

Reasons to add a web calculator to your website

  • It can help generate leads 

One of the incredible reasons why you should have a calculator on your site is that it is a perfect lead generation tool. Calculators can provide personal solutions that your clients may be in need of. No matter your industry, if there is something your clients can calculate, allow them to do so. Having a custom price calculator can also save you and your clients significant time on calls and emails. 

  • It can help engage the audience

Having a custom price calculator can also help keep your website visitors engaged. People are always willing to part with their personal data, especially if it comes with a solution to something vital for them. This is the reason why interactive content is way better and can be shared more than static content. For instance, if you sell cars, a client may share their calculations on social media, asking their friends which one to choose. This is why having a custom price calculator on your site is crucial.

  • Increase sales conversions

Targeting your web visitors who are willing to make a purchase by letting them do the math and calculate value themselves can help turn them into customers. A custom price calculator may be more compelling and valuable in increasing sales conversions than customer testimonials or product descriptions. 

How does a website calculator work?

Some types of businesses require complex calculations for customers. Those figures can sometimes appear more challenging, making them leave a website to look for a simpler solution. These days, it is quite rare to find customers with a manual calculator to handle those complicated figures on their own. This is where online calculators offer an excellent solution. 

These calculators do not require any special skills, making it easy for your web visitors to get the necessary sum automatically. This means that your visitors do not need to engage with paper sheets and a pen- they will get clear information automatically calculated for them. 

Features of a good web calculator

For you to have an effective website calculator that can keep your visitors engaged and improve conversion rates, you need to have an interactive and easy-to-use web calculator. If you are looking for the perfect online calculator, there are plenty of features you need to pay attention to. Here are must-have features for a great website calculator:

  • Easy to make

Of course, one of the top features that a web calculator should have is that it should be easy to make. This will save you time. You need to look for a web calculator that can be created with just a click without any special skills such as coding or programming. 

  • Flexibility

A web calculator should also offer greater flexibility. The calculator should have a wide range of features to help users proceed with calculations of any type.

  • Engaging design

The web calculator should also have a more engaging design that can keep the users more engaged. For instance, you should choose a custom calculator with personalized color themes, figures, and texts. If not, you should be able to come up with your own design. 

  • Easy to use

What is the essence of having a web calculator on your website if your visitors won’t use it because it’s complex to use? That’s why you must ensure that the web calculator you want to add to your website is easy to use. You can test it yourself to ascertain its ease of use.

  • Mobile-friendly

Nowadays, most searches are done via mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. So there is a higher chance that many people who are visiting your website are doing so using their mobile phones. That’s why you need to make sure that your web calculator is mobile-friendly.

How to add a web calculator to your website

There are basically two ways to add a web calculator to your website: embed a calculator widget into an existing page on your website, or place a link to a calculator page into a button on your website’s page. 

Embedding a calculator widget simply means inserting a calculator into a part of your website. It is not a complicated process the way many people tend to think. All you have to do is to grab a snippet and copy-paste it where you would like your calculator to be. Depending on the size of the calculator you want, you can adjust the calculator embed dimensions to make it wider or narrower or shorter, or taller.

The second way to add a custom price calculator on your website would be as a link that you can put in buttons or linked text. This way, you can link directly to your calculator on social media, through customer support chat, or emails. 

That’s simply how you can add a calculator to your site. However, it is worth mentioning that this is only done once you have picked your ideal web calculator design and customized it. When it comes to customizing your web calculator, you need to make it look as engaging as possible. 

Final thoughts

Having a custom price calculator on your website site in this day and age is crucial. It can help boost conversion rates and improve customer engagement. What’s more, it can make your website look more trustworthy in the eyes of potential clients. And the best thing is that there are plenty of online calculators you can choose from on the internet.

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