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How to Market a Newly Launched Product?

Launched Product

In the speedily growing business world where annually 95 percent of 30,000 newly launched products fail to gain customers’ attention, successful marketing of a new product is like grasping at straws. Without a powerful marketing strategy, no product can achieve customers’ trust and persuade them to make a purchase.

There’s a lot to do when it comes to marketing a newly launched product. You must know how to put together a sales strategy and do research on product marketing as well. For this, you can take the help of a product marketing template as well.

Product marketing is a step-by-step and long process of reaching a specific audience by using social media platforms, emails campaigns, creation of marketing tools, spreading brand awareness, and engagement with retail stores. To succeed in a highly competitive environment, exceptional quality, and effective marketing strategy are crucial factors to reach maximum potential consumers.

In this article, we have listed essential tips and tricks for the successful marketing of a newly launched product. Take a look at them:

Introductory Deals

Introducing a new product in the market as a part of an interesting deal package makes an enormous impact than direct launching. Discount offers, coupons or vouchers with each purchase, two in one deals, and giveaways for referral programs excite more customers to buy your product and they also share it with their friends, colleagues, and relatives. The offering of such exciting but limited-time deals persuades the customers to make an urgent purchase.

Use of Buyers Persona Profile

The basic information about the customer’s background, gender, qualifications, occupation, position, and interests play a vital role in the profitable marketing of a product. Use the persona profile of your potential customers and target audience that you create by searching in the target area, to figure out their daily life problems, the similar products they used, and the way of shopping they like most. It will help you to catch the potential customers for your product

Exclusive Offers for Potential Customers

Customer loyalty and engagement are fundamental weapons to defeat the massive competition and achieve the desired success. Hold a pre-launch reception, tutorial, or prototype testing invitation for your potential customers to test the product and give feedback. It will not only prevent your organization’s credibility by allowing you to fix the errors but also promote customer engagement. These potential customers not only buy your services but also perform advertisements for your product on their networks.

Use of GMB Dashboard & Social Media

Google my business (GMB) dashboard is quite an easy and effective way the promotion of a new product by simply using your Google Account. You can spread awareness of your product by posting its clear and attractive images on your google business account in the “what’s new post” corner to attain the customer’s attention. Google my business dashboard also provides you with the option of “an offer” in which you can set a time frame for existing deals. Don’t forget the call to action step to promote your business more effectively.

Different social media platforms and digital tools also facilitate you to advertise your product and find potential customers.

Professional Influencers and Product Managers.

In this digital era, influential people play a vital role to influence the target customers and engage more sales for your product. The hiring of professional influencers for the publicity of product features on different social media platforms and effective reviews assist you to reach more audiences and close more deals.

Trying for something you are capable of doing perfectly ends up with more mess, linking up with other professionals like product managers gives you relief and saves your time to focus on other departments of the business.


Which promotion method suits best to your product solely depends upon the nature and behavior of your customers. Detailed and trustworthy information about the products on multiple channels enhance customer engagement and enables your team to win more deals.

Once you have successfully marketed your product, the next step is selling it. And for this, you can rely on a top sales enablement application, such as Content Camel. It’s easy to use, affordable and offers exceptional results.



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