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How to Run a Ping Test?

Ping Test
  • Introduction:

Because of the former articles on IP Addresses, you must be familiar with this terminology now. So, without extending the article length and preventing you from boredom, we will straight dive into the ping test! How this term is useful in IP addresses and why it is necessary to know it! Let’s get a crystal-clear idea regarding this thing below:

  • What is Ping?

Ping is a terminology that everyone is not familiar with! But we are here to assist you in letting you know what does ping means? It is a data packet or basic net program that is developed for user-based testing and verification of whether a significant IP address if it is acceptable or not.

The data in the form of packets are delivered to the routers till it reaches its final destined point after evaluating the right one. You can say it as a utility because it gives you the confirmation about whether a host is present there on a specified IP address or nothing is there. Furthermore, it will tell you about:

  • It allows a short time to let 2 electronic devices communicate via the factors of availability & RT (response time).
  • Moreover, do you ever think that how ICMP (internet control message protocol) data packets are transferred? Well, today we are going to clear your all doubts. Yeah! You have guessed it right. Ping sends ICMP packets to the IP address of the host & then waits there until the host responds to the data from those ICMP packets.
  • It simply checks whether the significant/particular host can reach an IP address or not. It checks or evaluates its reachability or accessibility.
  • Pinging is basically a procedure that ensures the liveliness, efficiency, workability, and activeness of a device.


  • The basic purpose of the Ping Test:

Overall after reading an intro and what the ping is, now you must have know-how about this term. But the thing is that still you have no idea what is the main aim of using the Ping Test. Wait, don’t worry as we are here to elaborate on the basic purpose. So, it is utilized to check out if there is a connection established between the host and the network or if there is nothing.

Moreover, via using URL, it gets to know further about host status, whether online or offline. If there is any delay in data transfer between the two computers, it notices it as well. When you do some internet speed tests, they give you the ping results also.

  • How to utilize Ping Test Tool?

It is not rocket science to use the Ping Test tool. Let’s get into it to understand how to make accurate use of it efficiently:

  1. First of all, you need to open the tool you will use for the ping test.
  2. Then, enter your domain or in simple words, IPv4/IPv6 address & locate the button there, Ping Now. Click it. Try to click it to get it right, otherwise, you need to restart the procedure.
  3. Once you click it, it will ping the provided info and will extract the results for you. Hence, in this way, the Ping Test tool provides you with the information you want quickly and effectively.


  • Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):
  • What can be the perfect ping response time?

It gives generally a fast response. For instance, 10 ms, but sometimes users experience some lag also. However, if you are facing a 100ms response time, then you should check the reason for it as this response time is a clear indication of something wrong.

  • Is pinging an IP address not legal?

No, it is not illegal. But you need to keep in notice one thing an IP address is a public info like your home address and street number. Hence, keeping it private is preferable. So, it is not something that breaks the law, but then it is vulnerable to many attacks by hackers!

  • What will happen if I would ping Google DNS?

If you are thinking that it will create an impact on Google, then you should know one fact that is mentioned next. There is no effect on Google when some people ping it. It is because these kinds of servers have loaded traffic. So, little pings cannot affect them in any case.

  • EndNote:

In conclusion, it can be said that the ping test regulates the flow of the data passage. And it checks the working speed and efficiency of two e-devices/machines also. Hence, it can be said easily that Ping Test checks the performance of networking and devices in it. By updating your software & improving your device’s health, you can improve the Ping Test results of your device. Moreover, closing the extra software that you are not using currently can make its workability better as well.

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