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How to Start an Aggregation Business: Know 6 Steps


The term “aggregator business model” refers to a business strategy employed by several web-based initiatives. These businesses gather information on specific items and enterprises from various competing suppliers in the market through the internet stage.

Typically, the actual customers of such aggregator-based firms are the product and specialist cooperatives. As a result, the amazon aggregator business model makes it possible for these specialized companies to attract clients, typically in exchange for a set fee or commission.

What Is the Business Model for Aggregators

The brand value accelerator firm gathers data on specific offering providers, enters agreements with them, and markets its services under its brand in the aggregator business model. Even though various partner providers provide it, the aggregator offers a service that is uniform in quality and cost.

The service or product providers continue to be the owners of their offerings; they never join the aggregator’s staff. Aggregators merely assist them in promoting a distinctive win-win way.

How Do Aggregators Work

FBA Aggregators are considered two-sided marketplaces; however, they do not follow the same economic model as Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces. This model’s theoretical justification is straightforward:

  1. The aggregator pays a visit to the service suppliers.
  2. Aggregator offers a partnership plan and assures them more clients.
  3. The partners now include service providers.
  4. The aggregator establishes his brand and uses various marketing techniques to attract clients.
  5. Customers use the aggregator to make purchases.
  6. Partners receive the clients they were promised.
  7. The commission goes to the more aggregate.

Aggregator Business Model Vs Marketplace Business Model

Both business models share many characteristics, which is why they are frequently confused. Aggregators and marketplaces both connect sellers and customers on the same platform, and the services are almost identical. However, some distinctions, such as the following, are simple to spot:

  • On the platform, Aggregator doesn’t allow for unrestricted user interaction. In other terms, it doesn’t just make it possible for the two sides to connect. On the contrary, the aggregator is the one who continues to communicate with the parties. Actually, it has complete control over the transaction.
  • An aggregator seems to have a web of partners that are arranged under a broad brand umbrella. The same name is used to provide all goods and services.
  • In a market, the suppliers are in charge of all the product information, including its specifications, price, and shipment method.
  • Aggregator groups the various service providers under a single standard. The contract specifies all of the user agreements, including the costs.

How Do I Start a Business As An Aggregator

Research on the market is where it all starts. The largely unorganized industries will be found through market research. You should research your competitors and choose a unique niche. You must combine products or services from several suppliers and market them under your brand name. Once you receive consumers, you must keep them by providing top-notch service.

  • Aggregation of audience

Based on the principle of inbound marketing, this company plan is creative.

Its primary objective is to seize the interest of a group of individuals with a standard profile and then sell that captive audience to a marketer or advertiser. The marketer can then adjust his goods or services to suit that audience based on various variables such as the audience’s age, preferences, etc. This company gains from two things. This provides the audience with something intriguing right away. Second, the advertiser captures the audience’s interest, which makes it simple for him to close a deal.

  • Analysis of Fashion Trends

It is a data-aggregation-based industry. The fashion industry is highly dynamic, and designers and retailers lack the knowledge to be aware of and react to the most recent trends.

Therefore, there is a great opportunity available. You can create a business that will compile the data, assist fashion brands in reaching their target audience, keep tabs on their rivals, and do other things. Additionally, it can offer suggestions on emerging product lines and fashion trends. Many internet resources, such as Google Trends, can assist you with fashion forecasting analysis.

  • A shopping aggregator

Research claims that by 2024, the supermarket market will grow from its current value of $600 billion to $800 billion. You can launch a grocery aggregator business by providing a consumer with a list of neighboring mom-and-pop stores. Conventional retailers can take advantage of various services, including guidance on supply chains, layout, and marketing.

Sales will rise as a result of increased foot traffic. Customers can click on any of the grocery stores featured on your app, which you can also design. Afterward, he can add any item to the cart from the online menu.

  • Healthcare Platform

Data aggregation combines data from many databases to create concise and shareable information. The healthcare industry, from biotech firms to care providers, needs meaningful data to aid decision-making. Launching a cloud-based platform will allow you to collect and exchange patient health data. It will gather this data from healthcare organizations like hospitals to create optimal treatment plans for the patients.

Additionally, it will support doctors’ clinical judgment. Your platform for aggregating patient health records can interact remotely with patients during social estrangement and aid in providing more individualized care.

  • Online cab reservation

Do you wish to create the following Ola or Uber? The cab industry is heating up and has experienced incredible growth in recent years. Any business owner can launch an online taxi booking service by creating an app. As an aggregator, you will serve as a go-between for the taxi owners and the customers. The car owners will pay you a commission for each journey.

By balancing supply and demand, you will create a win-win situation for all the stakeholders—the cab drivers, the users, and eventually yourself. You can quickly grow your fleet and extend your geographic reach with the money made.

  • The business of advertising aggregators

You can create a network of websites where advertisers can connect with those sites to place ads online. Using a centralized ad server to distribute adverts to customers, your main task will be together ad space and sell it where it is needed. Alternatively, you may act as an aggregator and oversee the affiliate programs by e-commerce sites. You should have simple tools to set up links and provide deep links to particular products.

A different business concept would be to compile quality material that is targeted and has a loyal following; this may result in significant revenues from advertising. Businesses that can work well together and share resources to provide the best value to customers will succeed in a global market. This mindset is shared by the aggregator business model, which is upending all currently used models in various industries. This will essentially represent the “new normal” in the following years.

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