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Increase Your Audio Listening Quality By Huawei Sound X

Huawei Sound X

The Huawei sound x is a device that has Devialet Dual Woofers. This device uses a push-push acoustic design which gives the user the best sound quality. The sound quality is so good that it has been compared to high-end speakers. The Huawei Sound X also has a very sleek and modern design which makes it perfect for any home.

Huawei’s new Sound X Bluetooth speaker has six drivers, each with its dedicated amplifier, to deliver the best quality audio experience in a portable form factor. The device features a Bluetooth speaker. In addition, it has an option of Huawei Share, which allows users to share files quickly and easily between devices.

Bass and Amplitude

Huawei Sound X has a bass of 40 Hz and a max amplitude of 20 mm. Its large speaker ensures that you’ll feel the music vibrating through your whole body. Whether you’re listening to your favorite songs or watching a movie, Huawei Sound X is sure to give you an immersive audio experience.

Dual Subwoofers

Huawei and Devialet have teamed up to engineer an audio experience that not only sounds great but feels great too. Huawei Sound X uses Devialet’s Speaker Active Matching (SAM) technology to create an immersive soundscape. Whether you’re watching a movie, listening to music, or playing a game, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. The dual subwoofers increase the sound quality.

High volume with the small size

The huawei sound x is a Bluetooth speaker that packs a far more powerful punch than its small size would suggest. Its dual subwoofers are crafted from magnetic rare earth materials, giving them the power to create massive vibrations. This provides an immersive audio experience that can easily fill a room. The Sound X is also very portable, making it perfect for taking with you on the go. It has a long battery life so that you can listen to your favorite music all day long.

These speakers are some of the best on the market, and they’re also hypersensitive, producing enormous sound with minimal power input. This means that the speaker will blow you away with its sound, not its size. The Sound X has been designed for people who appreciate great sound quality, and they’re perfect for anyone who wants a great stereo experience without having to invest in a lot of equipment.


Huawei Sound X, which it says can deliver up to SPL 93 dB2 of clear, nuanced sound, no matter how loud you like it. Most traditional speaker units shake and lose quality at high volumes, but Huawei says the Sound X’s two 6.5W drivers and two passive radiators will keep the sound quality consistent.

CPU and Ram

The weight of the Huawei sound x device is 2.9 kg. Developers use a MediaTek MT8518 CPU. These speakers have a RAM of 512 MB DDR. The Sound X is equipped with a 1.5 GHz four-core CPU, 8 GB of FLASH storage, and a mute key. Additionally, it has a volume + / – key and a multifunction key. The Sound X is available in black or white now and retails for AED 1,299.

Final Words

The Huawei sound x is a great way to improve your audio listening quality. This sound device is easy to use and provides excellent sound quality. By reading above mentioned post, you can know more about Huawei Sound X.


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