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Installing a solar generator can save a lot on your electricity bill

Six tips for entrepreneurs: If you have large roofs, you should definitely use them for solar generators. Because solar power reduces energy costs sustainably – a sensible investment that pays for itself within a few years. And polished the image.

Although oil prices are very low right now, energy costs are weighing on profits in many companies. Electricity in particular is expensive, even for businesses. Before buying a solar generator, you can use energy solar power calculators tools here which speculate estimates based on the information you offer and get the total assumptions. With solar power, this item can be significantly reduced, If you follow a few tips.

1. First, analyze roofs and power guzzlers!

If you want to use solar power in your company to reduce energy costs properly, you should approach the matter professionally. First, all roofs must be checked for their suitability: statics, accessibility, and availability. It needs to be clarified who owns the roofs. In principle, it makes no difference whether a factory roof belongs to the entrepreneur or a landlord, or the bank. This only has tax or commercial consequences.

If the roofs are suitable, you can plan the solar generators. The more solar power you use in your own company, the more economical the investment becomes. It is therefore essential to know the electricity consumption in the company. Power guzzlers are to be identified. It is not uncommon for you to be able to liquidate them in a simple manner before you start covering your electricity needs with solar power. Outdated mercury vapor lamps or aging ventilation systems are examples of power guzzlers that can easily be replaced with new LEDs or efficient fans.

The connection of solar generators (such as 5000 watt solar generator) to a company’s own power grid (so-called area grid) is usually unproblematic, even to medium-voltage grids. The property boundary runs at the area meter. The entrepreneur can build solar power in his own company grid as long as he does not feed electricity back into the grid. Otherwise, he needs permission from the local grid operator and has to deal with all sorts of additional bureaucracy.

2. Use solar power for hot water! 

Because electricity is a relatively expensive form of energy, solar power should initially cover the company’s electricity needs. However, the solar generators can be made larger in order to cover the company’s hot water needs, for example with electric boilers. This is ideal for washrooms or kitchenettes. If a company has a very high hot water requirement (food industry, electroplating), one can also think about solar thermal collectors (but only in such cases). Hot water is also a good way to use excess solar power from the roof. The electricity is converted into heat via immersion heaters in order to prepare warm drinking water, which is stored in small storage tanks. Then you do not need to feed the solar power into the power grid.

3. Compressed air storage and e-cars increase profitability!

Solar power can also be used to drive the electric compressors of a compressed air system. Compressed air is also an energy store. Electric cars can also be supplied with solar power from the factory roof or from covered parking spaces on the company premises. Own e-charging stations motivate employees to buy their own e-cars or pedelecs. Electric cars are currently still significantly more expensive to buy than vehicles with fossil fuel combustion engines. But the manufacturers are already offering favorable leasing conditions. The unbeatable advantage: The operation of e-vehicles is much cheaper. In addition to the “fuel costs”, the expenses for maintenance, inspection, and “ASU” are also significantly lower.

4. Provide ventilation and cooling directly with solar power!

Other ways of using solar power in the company are the fans of the ventilation technology and systems for cooling or refrigeration technology. The ventilation requirement and the need for cooling are naturally higher in the hot hours of a summer day than in the morning or in the evening. The generation curve of a solar generator fits almost perfectly with the consumption curve of electric compression machines (cooling/refrigeration) and the fans in the ventilation shafts. A special solar panel battery is usually not necessary for this.

5. Prefer German components and devices!

German manufacturers are to be given preference for the solar generator and its components: solar panels, wiring, inverters, and power storage devices (solar batteries, charging technology). Not, that foreign companies would not be able to build such systems properly. But German providers usually have better service in the event of complaints or damage. Sure, sometimes German products are more expensive than the competition from the Far East. But if you buy cheap, you usually buy twice.

6. Leave the installation to the tradesman!

When planning commercial solar generators, you absolutely need experienced planners who are familiar with this profession. The installation of the components and devices should be done by Solar System 3 tradesmen. The installers and system planners know meteorological and regional peculiarities and have often already built similar systems and equipped companies.

A good planner can be recognized by the fact that, in addition to planning the solar system and the roof statics, he also analyzes the financing options and prepares them for you. A good installation company can be recognized – in addition to its references – by the fact that it also offers system maintenance after commissioning and lightning protection from the outset.


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