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List of the Best Songs to Increase Productivity


There could be many reasons for a reduced productivity curve on a given day. Environmental distractions or lack of inner motivation are some of the reasons, which is why here we are with the list of the best songs to increase productivity.

When we are not in the mood to work on a given day, there is a due date for the project at hand. We have to bring the necessary willpower to get the wheels turning so that we could reach the work goals.

Sometimes it is all about the necessary ‘push’ that will set the ball rolling for us. Or it could just be a respite from the attention-grabbing distractions that our mind thinks are more important than the task assigned to us.

Luckily we can use music as a treatment for it. A perfect track with some great tempo and notes and certainly with encouraging lyrics can be the right pill. You can find many such tracks and their words from Lyrics Gem of course. Let’s get to the list.

Not Afraid

You will feel the rush of blood and even can hear it flow in your veins. This is what the energy of this song is. If you are not working on the project yet you are afraid of lagging behind others, this is the soundtrack you need to check out.

Coming from the great rapper Eminem, it has the flow of words and the flawless accompaniment of music to hit the accelerator on your assignment. You can dedicate a part of your consciousness to focus on the lyrics which will ultimately act as fuel to escalate the output.

The Wire by HIAM

 With this song, three sisters will help you zoom past the finish post for whatever you have currently stuck yourself with. A retro rock from the ’80s is the thing you need to get for yourself and it will be all fine.

With the perfect notes, an awesome bass part, and a chorus ‘The Wire’ is what just the doctor ordered. It will motivate you to start typing the words to finish that report or arrange all the data for the meeting charts.

Neighborhood #1 Tunnels

This track is from Arcade Fire. If you are a music lover, you must have already heard the name. If you haven’t already, then after listening to this title, you will know the name of your favorite brand.

Here you will experience a crescendo of swanky orchestrations coming from staccato beat. The best thing is when you will explore the name Arcade Fire, you will come to know that Neighborhood #1 Tunnels is not the only title that can motivate you. The list of creativity in this field is quite long for this name. So, do try more.

Beautiful Day

It could be the gloomy weather that has a role to play in your not so ready to get work-done mode. If that is so, you need to hear what the U2 has to say. With a cup of tea or coffee and your headphones in the right place with perfect volume, you are work-ready.

Take your time and set your fingers to flow with the tune. Because moving fingers on the keyboard is a dance, a ritual set in time to deal with the daunting tasks.

Eyes of the Tiger

Too great a song could itself be a distraction. So the logical thing to do is to pick a track that is not up to your standards that much. This means you can focus more on the task which is more important.

Nevertheless, we are talking about Eyes of the Tiger coming from ‘Survivor.’ The song talks about taking chances and getting up to reach speed. The title is all set for you to achieve more in less time. 

Anyway You Want it

Classic songs are some of the best productivity-boosting music types that have proven their mettle in this regard. So if you too want to try whether it will work for you or not, ‘Anyway You Want it’ is the one we recommend for you.

A classical hair-metal soundtrack with the same guitar tunes as the Eye of the Tiger. So while it moves forward in the background you can make strides in your task. This way both will move toward completion without any delays.


This title from Minneapolis band Police is a must-try for the people who want something playing in the background while working on their computer or laptop. As synth-rock is a type that is a perfect backdrop in many situations, it stays the same for productivity-related matters too.

Tune the volume to the perfect notch and press the play button. Open the window containing your task and get the ball rolling. You will feel all the necessary energy required rushing with your blood. Get the spark and send the task ball out of the park.


These are some of the songs that we think should be included in the list of the best songs to increase productivity. Whatever the distraction or reason for your demotivation. The music in this list is the best cure for that. All you need is to check them out right now.


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