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Making Environmentally-Conscious Decisions for the Future

Our environment is constantly changing and evolving and it’s our responsibility to learn about those changes and take the necessary steps to protect our earth from future harm. With rising temperatures and increased pollution worldwide, it’s become more important than ever to step up and engage in environmentally-conscious behaviors.

Being eco-conscious can mean a wide range of things. The goal is to create a collective need to do better for the planet. For some, that means eliminating certain luxuries and for others, it means volunteering for various initiatives.

If you’re looking to improve your eco-conscious behaviors, here are a few options to get you started.

Say Goodbye to Plastic Bags

As consumers, when we engage in any shopping activity, whether it’s at a retail or grocery store, we receive plastic bags to carry our new items. Plastic bags have become increasingly hazardous to the environment and pose a wide range of eco-related problems. In addition to taking upwards of hundreds of years to decompose, they’re a significant threat to wildlife — marine animals often mistake plastic bags for food and these chemically-laced products can cause life-threatening harm.

Instead of opting for a plastic bag, invest in a handful of reusable bags or totes. Not only are they designed to hold more than their plastic counterparts, but they can also help you save money — many retailers and supermarkets are charging extra for a branded plastic bag.

Learn to Recycle Electronics

We rely on our electronic devices for nearly every aspect of our daily lives. We order groceries on our phones, work on computers, print important documents, and more. But what happens when you need to upgrade to a new device? Throwing your phone or laptop into the trash is harmful to the environment since these devices contain harmful toxins inside that can compromise our soil, water, and air supply.

The Electronic Recycling Association recommends recycling your electronic devices at a trusted electronics depot. This process is designed to repurpose old electronics and destroy any old data before donating them to local charities and organizations. With these resources, not only are you saving your devices from landfills, but you’re also helping neighboring communities in need.

Shop Secondhand

The retail industry is one of the leading causes of environmental strain — from the worldwide manufacturing plants processing fast fashion to their plastic bags. With thousands of brands available at our fingertips, it can often feel like this is the only way to shop. In reality, there are significant environmental benefits to shopping secondhand.

Thrift shops and consignment stores are becoming increasingly popular among younger shoppers as the collective eco-consciousness becomes more apparent. These second-hand stores offer unique collections of gently-worn items and even larger items like furniture. By saying no to fast fashion and embracing thrifting, not only are you building a more unique wardrobe, but you’re reducing the amount of clothing and accessories ending up in landfills.

With these tips and resources, you can reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing the activities and things you enjoy.


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