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Must-Try Retro Console Games

Retro Console Games

As modern tech is evolving, the gaming industry is also evolving with it. We have seen some really next-level games in recent years. Every game is bringing new features to the players. But there are still some Must Try Retro Console Games which never get old.

Users have a lot of console gaming memories during childhood. Now the games developed in the early 2000s or 90s didn’t have the best graphics. The quality was very normal but the fun was unlimited. That is why these games have a special place in our hearts.

No matter how realistic a modern-day game becomes. How great graphics or real-time ingenuity it brings. Gamers will always love to play a retro game on their devices. Now finding the ROMs for these retro games might be a bit difficult for the gamers.

Now with this article, we are going to try and make the search easy for you. We are going to help in finding the best ROM to play on the desired device. The list is going to be very fun for the interested gamers.

What are Retro Console Games?   

Retro Console Games are the games developed in the early years. The game development companies had offered numerous creations in the early years. The graphics quality and overall presentation were almost the same in all the creations at that time.

As mentioned there were numerous creations and not all of them were the best. But there was some individual and series creation which has gathered a huge audience at that time. The gameplays were so good that players like to get the same experience to date.

All the modern-day gameplays are trying to provide as realistic an experience as possible. The main reason for using realistic effects is to engage the players more in the game. The interest and involvement of gamers surely increase because of realistic situations.

The important thing to know about retro games is that there was no realistic experience. Although there was no realistic experience, the player still played with all their interest. The fun was unlimited and we are trying to provide an opportunity to experience the nostalgia once again with these ROMS.


Fast-paced gaming is quite normal these days. But in the early years, there were very few gameplays that offered actual fast-paced gaming experiences. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2 was amongst the best fast-paced gaming experiences which were available on Sega Genesis.

Most gamers would clearly know that it is a complete series. All of the previous versions were really famous as well. The reason we are listing this part is that it had a mix of all the previous parts and also offered some really cool new features for the players.

To get started with the new additions, Spin Dash was surely the best addition to this game. Other than this, the game featured some really cool levels as well. The graphics were colorful and the character controls were really the best of the time.


Here’s a 90s time-travel concept game that was offered for multiple consoles. This game had a number of aspects that attracted the gamers. The main reason for its fame was the time-travel concept which was quite unique at that time.

It has many more aspects like the number of characters to switch between. Each character had a special ability and that is why each one was special. The players surely remembered the name of every character featured in the game.

There was a lot of exploration for the players. Players had the opportunity of visiting new cities, Forests, Abundant places and so much more. It had many challenges for the players and the use of physical combat was required. There was also the option of using magical abilities.


Fighting games are always the best choice to be entertained instantly. There are a lot of fighting game options available out there. But MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 brought the collision of two of the biggest superhero universes of that time.

In recent days, the biggest superhero universes are Marvel and DC. Now the debate of who has the best heroes is always on. But back in the days, Capcom also had some really powerful and cool superheroes. The debate for the best was always heated up.

This game brought in the opportunity for fans to decide for themselves. It featured all the superheroes from both universes and offered the chance for players to choose their desired side. It also featured multiple game modes like single-mode and 3v3. The excitement surely increases for every fan.


Here is gameplay that can be found easily on all the console platforms. It would be hard to say the same for any other game. Tetris is quite a simple gameplay but there is nothing more engaging than this. As mentioned it is available on numerous platforms but the Game Boy version was very famous.

Every platform tried to bring some changes to the layout and design. But the gameplay and the fun remained the same. This is the reason why this gameplay is considered the best-selling game franchise of all time.

The best part is that it is very easy to get started. The pieces of blocks in different shapes kept falling down from above. The shapes can be fitted in other specific shapes. The speed of blocks falling down increase as the players reach higher scores.

Final Words

Now all the retro gaming fans have the list of best Retro Console Games. So now is the time to get the ROMS and start playing on desired devices instantly.


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