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The 5 Best HD Video Players for Windows 10

HD Video Players

Windows 10 includes an in-built video player that works well enough, but it doesn’t offer any advanced features to improve your video-watching experience. Thankfully, there are plenty of third-party applications that can turn your computer into an entertainment center by adding advanced features such as subtitle support, higher resolution support, and 3D capabilities. So without further ado, here are five of the best HD video players for Windows 10.


1) VLC


VLC Media Player is a popular open-source video player with support for various types of media formats. You can play your music and videos using VLC Media Player, but many users reported that it fails to play the hdhub4u file format correctly on windows 10. If you want to play the hdhub4u file on windows 7/8/10 without converting, then it’s recommended that you use a video player with a built-in decoder and codec pack. Pavtube media converter has powerful tools integrated to decode and convert most 4K/HD/SD videos and audio with ease, while the HDSMI converter allows you to rip any DVD disc into a DVD folder in just a few clicks.


2) Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic Home Cinema o MPC-BE, ¿en qué se diferencian?

This lightweight video player supports just about every video format under the sun and includes some awesome features, including a built-in codec that improves video playback performance. For example, if you’re watching a high-resolution H.265 video on your PC without an hdhub4u program installed and it’s taking forever to load, open Media Player Classic and click Settings > Tweaks > Improve Performance > Media File Alias to force your computer to play it as a lower resolution file instead. Then, when you need higher resolutions (like streaming videos), switch back to MPC or another program—this will significantly improve playback quality and fix buffering issues in many cases.


3) PotPlayer


PotPlayer is definitely one of our favorite video players and it’s a real treat to use. Like VLC, it supports numerous formats and has tons of great features like auto-rotation, multi-core decoding, audio/video sync adjustment, subtitle support, and more. Plus it looks pretty good too! We highly recommend trying PotPlayer out—especially if you want a free alternative to VLC. You can download it here. (Freeware) Chromium: This open-source browser from Google also doubles as a solid media player. It supports the most popular formats (AVI, MP4, etc.) and allows users to control almost every aspect of playback from subtitles to resolution settings. For best results, we suggest using Chromium with MKV files that are encoded in H264 format (basically any major studio release). In addition to being able to play back your media files with ease, Chromium also offers an incredibly simple user interface so anyone can get up and running right away. And since it’s completely open source, Chromium works on all major operating systems including macOS and Linux! You can download it here.


4) KMPlayer


KMPlayer Plus v32.09.206 MOD APK (Unlocked, VIP Unlocked) Download

If you like to play high-definition video formats, check out KMPlayer. It’s a free media player that supports many file types and resolutions, which makes it easy to watch high-definition videos with your computer. The interface is in Korean, but can be set to English by clicking Settings > General > Language and choosing English from the list. There’s even a version of KMPlayer available on Softpedia. A portable version of KMPlayer is also available if you’d prefer not to install it on your system. GOM Player: GOM Player is another popular choice among Windows users who want to play high-definition video files. It comes in both a free basic version and a $25 Pro edition that adds support for Blu-ray discs and other advanced features. GOM Player has been around since 2003, so there are plenty of resources available online to help you get started using it. Just Google GOM Player or GOM media player along with whatever problem you’re having. You’ll find lots of help forums where people will answer your questions or direct you toward useful tutorials on YouTube or elsewhere online.


5) SMPlayer

SMPlayer 19.1 released; adds support for 60fps YouTube Videos and Subtitles Search | FOSS Linux

If you’re on a very tight budget or want a video player that can play virtually any codec out of the box, SMPlayer is perfect for you. This open-source video player has built-in support for plenty of audio and video formats, including everything that most streaming sites use to deliver content. The user interface leaves something to be desired, but it gets the job done. Like VLC, SMPlayer is available in a large variety of languages and is completely free to download and use. VLC Media Player: VLC Media Player is one of our favorite media players for several reasons, not least because it’s capable of playing pretty much anything under the sun. It’s also got tons of customization options, so if you’re looking for a powerful way to watch your videos without having to install additional software, look no further than VLC. It even supports 3D playback! Another great feature? You can set up keyboard shortcuts for just about anything you’d like—making it easy to control playback with just a few keystrokes. You’ll need an advanced understanding of how computers work in order to do so though—so if you’re new to computers and don’t know where to begin, stick with SMPlayer above until you’ve gained some experience.



There are tons of free video players out there, but if you’re looking for a decent one, we have put together a list of the best hdhub4u video player programs that work in compatibility with your windows operating system. There is a lot more to talk about each program but these were just a few things and criteria that we like most in their qualities. Make sure to take a look at these and share your thoughts on them if you find these useful or worthy of using then do give them a try on any platform you are using currently. Which software do you think is best? Please let us know in the comments section below!


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