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The Doogee S98 Pro is a Rugged Smartphone Inspired by an Alien’s Head

Doogee S98 Pro
Doogee S98 Pro

A recent article from Tech Bable claims that the new Doogee S98 Pro smartphone, which features an 8-core processor and 3GB of RAM, looks like it’s inspired by an alien’s head. It’s not difficult to figure out the reason behind this particular design element, Tech Bable says. The Chinese company has made it clear that they don’t give two hoots about global opinion when it comes to the aesthetics of their flagship phones.


Technology grows faster than we can handle it. You cannot take that statement more seriously than when it comes to phones, though. With new devices getting launched every week, it seems impossible to keep up with all of them. But we’re not just interested in flagship phones here, are we? We love niche and rugged devices too, don’t we? And if there’s one device that fits right into our niche category, then it has to be today’s review. Yes, you guessed right! Today, I will talk about Doogee S98 Pro – a rugged smartphone inspired by aliens! Sounds interesting? Then let me tell you more about it. More Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro


Doogee S98 to launch with Night Vision Camera, 6000mAh battery and  Dual-Screen - MCGH

It’s fun to look at, but you can also shoot aliens with it. It looks like there are two cameras on top, but only one actually works for photos. Instead of a traditional shutter button, you touch and swipe on it to take pictures. That helps make sure that you’re not accidentally hitting buttons when you don’t mean to—which can make taking pictures easier in rugged conditions. You don’t need a cover or case to protect your phone from drops or spills; It’s designed to withstand impacts and dust, as well as splashes of water and small amounts of sand.
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Camera Island

Doogee S88 Pro review: Camera

If you’re wondering how Doogee S98 Pro came up with its alien inspiration, well, it’s because of its camera island on the rear. If you look at it from certain angles, it kind of resembles an alien’s head. I don’t think most smartphone brands would have been able to get away with that design element, but since Doogee S98 Pro wants its phones to be as indestructible as possible, I guess they went for it. And in my opinion, they succeeded – you won’t find any other smartphone with a design like that. More Action camera

Battery Life

DOOGEE S98 Rugged Smartphone[2022], Android 12 Cellulare, 8GB+256GB  Octa-Core Telefono Indistruttibile, 64MP+20MP Night Vision Camera, 6000mAh  33W Ricarica Rapida, Telefoni Cellulari Dual 4G, NFC/OTG :  Elettronica

Looking at it, you might assume that such durability means it’s less mobile than others. But don’t worry; Doogee S98 Pro says they’ve added multiple layers of power-efficient insulation to allow for up to 25 hours of talk time, 49 days of standby time, and 480 hours of music playback. Basically what that means is that you can use it every day, all day long, and never have to plug in! More Volta Technology 

Operating System

This phone comes with Android 7.0 Nougat and has been optimized for rugged use, which means it’s ready to take on some serious punishment. If you drop your phone in water or submerge it, it won’t be damaged because of its IP68 rating—it’s completely dustproof and waterproof up to 3 feet for 30 minutes. Your photos will also be fine because it has a solid 8MP rear camera and 5MP front-facing shooter; both are good for capturing action shots and selfies in low-light environments. More Google Pixelbook 12in


The Doogee S98 Pro looks pretty impressive, as you’d expect from a phone that costs $1,500. It has military-grade ruggedness and IP68 waterproofing, which means it should stand up to all but total submersion in water. When you factor in its big battery, front and rear cameras, and dual SIM capabilities, it starts to seem like a very solid value. That is of course assuming that these specs are accurate; we don’t know whether to trust them until we test them ourselves. Stay tuned for our review coming soon!

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