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The First Step to Cyber Secure Your Knowledge in 2022


Knowledge is king, and for this blog post, it is more relevant to say that cyber-secure knowledge is king.

One of the best cyber defenses for one to start and engage in a safe, private, smooth, and pleasant cyberspace web usage journey is formal or self cyber security education. This is no different than any other facet of our lives that we want to improve and hence optimize.

This 2022 should be your new year’s resolution, and hopefully, it will become a solid lifelong habit.

Become that cyber herder and avoid being a cyber sheep while leading your friends and family to a similar path. Essentially you could potentially make a big societal contribution that is likely to make you proud of your new self.

Cybersecurity terms such as threat actor and malware including ransomware should become second nature as you start becoming a web security juggernaut.

Let’s explore the first step you should take to start cyber securing your knowledge and make 2022 the year of the cyber.

The First Step

Before we start delving into some of the ways you can ramp up your cyber-secure knowledge even before considering a formal cyber security education, there is a vital step you should take towards self-education. As a first step, you should download a free trial of a reputable web security suite from a company with a good level of experience and track record that can boast many excellent testimonials from satisfied customers. 

A free trial typically spans as high as 30 days and possibly higher. In reality, a half an hour of daily usage experience and exploration of the product should suffice and contribute to forming a rock-solid and reasonable opinion about the product.

Initial Cybersecurity Product Education

During the product trial period, you should be reading product-related documentation such as online help to better understand the product’s different aspects and features. Start using and accessing the different sections of the application and discover any web add-ons for browser-level protection, which may be in place.

Discover the different types of scans you can run on your endpoint devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets, and more. Learn more about the type of “real-time protection” that is offered from malware virus threats such as zero-day exploits.

Ensure that you are satisfied with the overall user experience, also known as UX or User Experience and that you feel comfortable with the technical help content curated by the cyber security firm.

The Cybersecurity Journey Continues

The best-case scenario is that you will fall in love with the product and all of its respective aspects.

The next prudent step to take before you continue your web security learning journey is to purchase the full version of the product.

This will ensure you can continue using the product and its respective features in an uninterrupted fashion.

Subsequently, this vital step will ensure that your cyber security self-education journey is by far more likely to continue with zero cyber security interruptions in place.

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