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The New Google Pixel Buds Pro Review

Google Pixel Buds Pro

The Google Pixel Buds Pro has three important features that set them apart from the rest of the pack. They include Volume EQ, Active Noise Cancellation, and Transparency Mode. These features make it much easier to use your earbuds whether you’re at work or out on the town with friends. They also offer an impressive 10 hours of battery life, which means you won’t have to worry about charging your earbuds too often either. Read on to learn more about these great wireless earbuds!

What is the Google Pixel Buds Pro?

These are the new Pixel Buds Pro by Google - 9to5Google

The Google Pixel Buds Pro is a flagship wireless earbuds from the software giant. It packs Volume EQ, Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode, and real-time language translation features. Unlike some other rival earphones, it’s hardwired to work with Android smartphones only (sorry iPhone users). However, in return, you get a powerful set of premium audio that delivers clear sound in every environment.

What’s Included in the Box?

Google Pixel Buds A-Series vs. Pro: specs comparison - The Verge

When you order your new Google Pixel Buds Pro, you will receive a carrying case, three sizes of ear tips, and one cable management loop. Not only do these accessories help to improve comfort levels but they also help to ensure secure positioning when worn. Other than that, in terms of design, there’s nothing that stands out about these earbuds… They look pretty standard. This is what makes them very attractive to consumers looking for an affordable alternative to premium-branded options… But it’s also somewhat disappointing at first glance. ​​Connectivity Options: Most wireless earbuds will include a USB-C charging port and compatible wall adapter which means that their smart audio capabilities will be very similar across all devices with USB-C ports.

Why You Should Buy the Google Pixel Buds Pro

The Pixel Buds Pro is an incredible wireless earbud, providing a premium sound quality that’ll make you enjoy listening to music. These earbuds are available for $229.99 on JBL’s official website and also on Amazon. That price may seem like a lot of money but when you compare it with Apple AirPods and other wireless earphones, these are actually cheaper than most high-end options out there. What makes these buds so special? First of all, they come with Active Noise Cancellation, so they’re ideal if you travel a lot or often listen to music in noisy environments (the gym, subway…). They also feature Volume EQ which allows you to switch between different equalizer settings depending on your environment. More Raven Gadgets

Design Quality & Usability

Google Pixel Buds 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus and Jabra Elite 75t - Video - CNET

At first glance, you’ll instantly notice how well-made these earbuds are. They have a premium look and feel to them that gives off high-end fashion—the tech isn’t fully hidden away, but it doesn’t have a prominent role either. Instead, they’re only slightly visible with their glossy finish and small LED lights. You can adjust the size of each bud so they fit your ears perfectly without discomfort or slipping out while you exercise. This level of comfort is essential if you plan on using them while jogging, working out at home, or traveling via plane or train. In terms of build quality, no one should ever be worried about durability as these are virtually indestructible. More Google Pixelbook 12in

Sound Quality

Google Pixel 6a smartphone and wireless Pixel Buds Pro headphones are introduced

Considering that you’re getting Active Noise Cancellation on these earbuds, you can expect crystal clear audio. These buds feature a Volume EQ that lets you tweak your sound. They are touted as premium and considering that they offer Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), we think they deserve it. ANC is an especially big deal on wireless earbuds since they tend to cut out whenever there is interference from ambient noise. If you’re having trouble hearing things in noisy environments, these are worth a shot. There are also Transparency features that allow you to hear what’s going on around you while listening to music at full volume via your headphones.

Fit And Comfortability

Pixel Buds Pro: Features, release date and price

It’s easy to forget that these are wireless earbuds. They have an ear-hook design, so you won’t lose them when you move around. And with three sizes of ear tips in each box, you should be able to find a pair that fits your ears perfectly. It was initially designed for cyclists and runners who need a secure fit while active—and it shows. But if they do fall out while listening to music, they are magnetized, meaning they won’t go too far if they slip out of your ears.

Battery Life

This is one of our favorite aspects of these earbuds. They come with a charging case that gives you up to 24 hours of use between charges and can be fully recharged in 15 minutes for three hours of use. It’s an amazing convenience we’ve only seen from Apple’s AirPods, and it makes these earbuds perfect for traveling or commuting. You won’t have to worry about your earbuds dying on you before you make it back home! More iPod touch


$159.00 (See Price on Amazon) Battery Life: 10 hours ⋅ Bluetooth Range: 30 feet ⋅ Total Weight with Cable and Packaging: 0.64 oz ⋅ Total Cable Length (including USB charging/carrying case): 3 feet ⋅ Digital Noise Cancellation and Ambient Noise Mode: Yes Pros You will no longer be limited to what your smartphone’s built-in speakers can do when you are streaming music to your favorite pair of headphones. No matter where you are, whether in a cafe or at an airport, these headphones will get their very own volume EQ that is best suited for any ambient noise that may be present.


Google Pixel Buds Pro: ANC, Finally! - Shouts

The new generation of wireless earbuds is not just functional, but they’re also trendy and stylish. You can get a sense of their features based on their name – they have volume control EQ with customizable settings as well as Active Noise Cancellation to reduce background noise while you listen to music. They have custom transparency that’s perfect for listening to directions or conversations while still hearing your surroundings, so you never miss a beat. And if you have any audio questions about how to connect them or operate different functions, simply touch and hold down on the right earbud for 10 seconds and ask What’s my battery level? or What song is playing? – all without even having to look at your phone!

1. They include Volume EQ

One of their most notable features is Volume EQ. This makes sure that your music is balanced at all times, so you don’t have to worry about listening to one part of a song louder than another, or getting annoyed with sudden volume changes. This can be a big issue with some wireless earbuds since they don’t always properly amplify your music, and it can end up turning into an unpleasant experience. But if you go for a pair like these—which have proper sound amplification built-in—you won’t have to worry about that anymore. They deliver excellent sound quality no matter what sort of music you listen to or where you are when you put them on.

2. Active Noise Cancellation

Active noise cancellation is a handy feature to have in your earbuds, especially if you travel often. No one likes to be on a plane listening to people yell at each other across rows or if you’re stuck in a crowded subway car with blaring speakers right next to your head. Thankfully, with these high-quality earbuds, you won’t need any white noise machines or headphones and can just focus on your tunes—because let’s face it, most of us listen to music or podcasts when we travel anyway. Don’t want noise-canceling? There are plenty of other reasons why you might want these buds. Read our review for more info.

3. Transparency Mode

When you’re using Noise Cancellation, it might be hard to hear ambient sound. That’s why we’ve included a feature called Transparency Mode that lets you hear your surroundings without taking off your earbuds. When you put on your earbuds, just tap and hold for 2 seconds to switch on Transparency Mode. You can adjust Transparency Mode by tapping and holding down once or twice more. A double-tap will turn it all the way off, while a single tap will reduce transparency until you remove your earbuds.

Are These Headphones Right For You?

Before you can decide whether or not these headphones are for you, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions. Is sound quality your number one priority? Are you looking for headphones that don’t completely isolate outside noise? Do you want a sleek design, or are comfort and portability more important to you? These considerations can help determine which set of wireless earbuds is right for your lifestyle. If all else fails, choose what’s available at work! That way, if your device runs out of battery life unexpectedly, there is always a backup option available (unfortunately). In other words, don’t choose Bluetooth as your method of communication at work only to have no way to respond in an emergency.

My Final Thoughts

There’s something to be said about comfort. No matter how good a piece of technology is, it won’t deliver on its promise if it doesn’t fit. That’s why I applaud Google for innovating on audio technology in a manner that enhances comfort while boosting aesthetics and function. If you want to listen to music, take hands-free calls or just hear your GPS directions more clearly, you can expect high-quality sound out of these buds – regardless of what kind of device you have them paired with. Volume EQ is another great feature that doesn’t sacrifice quality for convenience.

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