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The Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Australia

highest paying jobs in australia

The top 10 highest paying jobs in Australia can make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams if you take the right steps to get there. Take a look at the 10 highest paying jobs in Australia and their median salary, as reported by Jobs Gazette, to determine which one will be the best fit for you and your career goals. If you want to earn the most money possible, here are the highest paying jobs in Australia for you to consider taking on in the coming year and beyond.


1) Chief Executive Officer

As an entrepreneur, you might not be lucky enough to have a high-paying job waiting for you. But if you’re determined and willing to work hard, it’s possible for anyone to find their way into one of the top ten highest paying jobs in Australia. Here are some tips on how to get there: 

1) Become a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Becoming a CEO is one of the highest paying jobs available and is one of the most difficult positions to fill. The median salary for this position is AU$140,000 (US$112,000). 

2) Become an IT Business Analyst – With the increasing number of businesses turning towards technology as an integral part of their product development cycle, IT Business Analysts are in high demand.


2) Director Of Nursing

Nurses with bachelor’s degrees earn an average of $57,000 to $72,000. The median salary for these professionals is around $59,000. Depending on the organization and size, nurses can make even more. Public nursing salaries tend to be lower than those in the private sector due to benefits like company-sponsored retirement plans or other perks like vacation time or sick leave that are not typically offered by public agencies. 

One thing that many people think about when looking for work is their own needs and wants. However, it can be hard for someone who doesn’t know much about the industry or their potential role to know what salary they should expect – if it is too high they might find something else but if it isn’t high enough they may end up settling on something they don’t want just because they need a job. 


3) Pharmacist

Pharmacists are expected to see a 19% growth in job openings. Pharmacists help diagnose and treat patients using medications prescribed by physicians, dentists, or other healthcare professionals. The average salary for a pharmacist is $101,480 with the best-paid earning up to $149,540. Pharmacists can also take on leadership roles like running a hospital pharmacy or managing other employees.


4) Orthodontist

Orthodontists are dental professionals who specialize in correcting teeth and jaws. They work with patients of all ages, primarily children and adolescents. They need to be licensed before they can practice, which means that they must complete a four-year dental degree program, including two years of general dentistry training and two years of specialty training. Orthodontists also need to complete a four-year residency program that provides advanced training in the field of orthodontics. There are currently around 3,700 practicing orthodontists across the US, and this number is expected to grow as more people become aware of how important it is to have healthy teeth and jaws. 


5) Anaesthetist

Anaesthetists are medical practitioners who administer anaesthetic and sedation for surgical procedures. They may be involved in the complete management of a patient during surgery, including monitoring their condition and responding to emergencies. Anaesthetists are responsible for ensuring that the patient is adequately anaesthetised, unable to feel pain, and able to breathe easily during surgery. The salary of an anaesthesiologist is $242,000 AUD per year.


6) Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists are doctors that diagnose and treat mental illness. They typically work with both children and adults, and they can also teach at medical schools. The average salary for a psychiatrist is $173,000 per year. 

A Psychiatrist typically needs to have completed a four-year undergraduate degree program, along with an additional five years of study to qualify as a Psychiatrist. They will then need to complete three years of training at a hospital before being qualified to practice on their own.


7) Gastroenterologist/ Internal Medicine Specialist

Gastroenterologists examine the digestive system and the rest of the body to look for physical, structural, or biochemical problems. Gastroenterologists diagnose and treat conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease; ulcerative colitis; Crohn’s disease; celiac disease; liver diseases (primary sclerosing cholangitis, primary biliary cirrhosis); gallbladder diseases (cholecystitis, cholelithiasis); pancreatic disorders (pancreatitis) and cancer. Gastroenterology has a very high index of complexity with a large variety of diagnoses that require multiple types of investigations like endoscopies, colonoscopies, CTs, MRIs, etc.


8) Dermatologist

Dermatologists are medical doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases of the skin. Dermatologists examine conditions such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema. They can also prescribe medications to treat skin cancer and prescribe treatments for people with acne or other problems. The median salary for a dermatologist is around $200,000 per year.


9) General Practitioner/ Family Physician

One of the highest paying jobs in Australia is a General Practitioner or Family Physician. A GP can earn around $253,000 a year while a Family Physician earns around $242,000. GPs and Family Physicians work full-time during weekdays and provide medical care to patients as well as give advice on how to prevent illness. One requirement for this job is that they must be registered with the Medical Board of Australia.


10) Opthamalogist/ Ophthalmologist

An Opthamalogist/Ophthalmologist is a specialist who practices ophthalmology and performs eye surgery, such as cataract surgery, corneal transplantation, or refractive surgery. This can be a lucrative and satisfying career if you enjoy working with your hands and have a strong work ethic. However, the downside of this position is that it involves long hours in a demanding environment. You must have an M.D., O.D., or D.O degree to become an opthamalogist/ophthalmologist.

An opthamalogist/ophthalmologist has a median annual salary of $145,000 – $200,000 and may also earn up to $100 per hour for services outside of the office.

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