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Tips To Reduce Student Interruptions


There is nothing as distracting for a lecturer as interruptions from a student. Newbie teachers find it particularly nerve-racking because of their inexperience in the field. As a teacher, you can deal with class interruptions actively or passively. But, no matter the approach, techniques will reduce student interruptions.

●    Preparation is Key

Before a lecture, go through your notes and highlight the most important points. This will help you present what you know best in a short period. For instance, if you have 8th grade English lesson plans, you can prepare a presentation on the weather. Then, during your lecture, you can draw diagrams to show the different types of weather, such as sunny, windy, calm weather, and rainy weather. If you need more ideas for lesson plans, check out Adobe Education Exchange.

●    Clarify to Your Students When to Interrupt

Explain to your students when and how to interrupt. This can be done by drawing attention to the different types of interruptions. For example, a student can’t shout out during a lecture on the topic of history. This is because this is a time when you have to impart significant amounts of information for them to retain it for future use.

●    Ask Your Students if They Have Any Questions

Students will be more ready to ask questions if given adequate time before the lecture begins or after the lecture. For instance, you can ask them if they want any clarification on what they heard before asking questions during the lecture. This will also help you gauge their knowledge level and adjust your presentation accordingly.

●    Have A Reward System for Students Who Obey Classroom Rules

Give your students a reward system for good behavior. This will also help to motivate them to remain attentive. For instance, you can give your students a reward system of stickers if they behave well. This will also help gauge their interest in the topic and understanding of it.

●    Classroom Sitting Arrangement

Sitting arrangement plays a role in how many times a student may interrupt a teaching session. For example, you can ask your students to sit in a straight line facing you. This will also go a long way in increasing their concentration and understanding of the topic.

●    Use Visual Aids to Make Your Teaching Less Boring

Visual aids are a great way of making your teaching less boring. For instance, you can use visual aids like diagrams and pictures to make your education less boring. Use visual aids wisely as this is not the only way to make your teaching enjoyable, but it also helps reinforce what you have taught them.

●    Teach the Students at Their Level of Understanding

It would help if you taught the students at their level of understanding. This will help prevent confusion on the part of both teacher and student as they will be able to understand each other better and will be able to concentrate better too.

●    Use Positive Reinforcement to Motivate Students

Positive reinforcement is an excellent way of motivating students. For instance, you can praise or reward them for their excellent work. It also helps build up their self-confidence as they feel that they are doing something right and being appreciated.


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