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Top 5 Adobe Premiere Pro Alternatives – Experts Recommended

Adobe Premiere



Adobe Premiere Pro is an industry-standard video editor with a lot of rich features. However, lately, we received a lot of queries from users about the best alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro- this is due to the complex operation and high cost of the software, and bad customer support reported by some users. 

It can be quite hard for one to know which video editor has all of the takes to meet their requirements – this is because the majority of video editors in the market claim to offer great quality and rich features. So, with this in mind, our team of experts has taken up the task to research the Adobe Premiere Pro alternatives and we’ve come up with the top 5 free video editing software that can satisfy any user’s video editing requirements perfectly. Just read on.

1. Wondershare Filmora

Filmora video editor is a great tool that stands out when it comes to offering speedy video editing operations with high quality. Available for Windows and Mac, it boasts a plethora of filters, effects, and text tools that users at all levels can always take advantage of to get a perfect cutout of their edited videos.


With Filmora, you can edit 4K videos, add effects, customization, styles, and lots more. You can even add overlays, animation, voiceovers, and GIFs to your videos without compromising their quality.  


Also, you don’t need any technical knowledge to be able to use Filmora as its user interface is very clean to the extent that even a tech illiterate can navigate their way around the app seamlessly. From our research, it’s clear to us that the efficiency of this tool is just one of a kind, and its credibility is backed by lots of users’ critics. 


Key Features


  • Speed Ramping: easily adjust video speed with better control of your Keyframes.
  • Offers a wide range of video effects with FilmStock plus FX Plug-ins (OpenFX), Boris FX & New Blue, and lots more especially titles within Filmora. 
  • AI Portrait: allows users to remove video background quickly.
  • Export and Share (Support HDR): share edited videos with high quality to YouTube, and Vimeo directly.
  • Boast a highly intuitive UI, thus, making the learning curve very straightforward.
  • Advanced text functionality makes it simple for users to change video text font size, colors, and border.
  • Supports Instant Mode which automatically edits uploaded video files without requiring any clicks.



  • It’s budget-friendly.
  • Super easy to use even without any knowledge.
  • Offers a wide range of professional video editing features that ticks boxes all around.
  • Users can apply personal customizations to videos aside from using pre-built elements.



  • You need to pay to access the advanced features of the tool.
  • The free version has a watermark on exported videos.

2. iMovie

iMovie is a free tool created by Apple to allow users to easily edit photos and videos on iOS devices or Mac computers. Yes, the tool provides users with amazing functionalities like the addition of themes, music, titles, effects, and lots more videos effortlessly without downloading any third-party software. You can even execute video enhancement operations and transitions.


Also, despite being a free tool, iMovie can process HD videos, and it supports options that allow users to easily share edited videos to third-party platforms like video sharing sites and social media apps. 


Key Features


  • Supports the addition of custom elements like templates, themes, filters, etc to videos.
  • Allows easy sharing of edited videos to video sharing websites, social media platforms, and iCloud,
  • It’s supported on both Mac computers and iOS devices.
  • Efficiently fix shaky videos, crop, and add effects.



  • It’s free and you don’t need to install third-party apps on your Mac.
  • Simple and friendly user interface.
  • Users can share edited videos directly to other video sharing and social media platforms.



  • It’s good for only basic video editing and it has a slow processing speed.
  • It’s only supported on Apple devices.
  • The features are limited to some advanced users.

3. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is another tool on the list that’s supported on only Mac computers – the software helps users produce quality videos using reliable video editing tools like filters, special effects, motion graphics, and many more. 

With Final Cut Pro at your fingertips, you can rely on state-of-art technology to help you edit videos seamlessly on a Mac computer, and unlike iMovie, this tool facilitates swift video editing operations. 

There’s a lot for users to take advantage of when using the Final Cut Pro video editor, however, it doesn’t support a wide range of source formats. Plus, when compared to the likes of Filmora or Adobe itself, the speed of the tool is lacking quite a bit.


Key Features

  • High-quality titles, effects, pro-grade transition, etc.
  • Support 360-degree VR editing.
  • Move and trim video clips efficiently.
  • Availability of motion graphic templates and advanced color grading.



  • Offers a plethora of organizational tools to simplify users’ video editing process.
  • The interface of the tool is very simple and easy to navigate.
  • Features a lot of rich tool sets that allow quality video editing operations.



  • Not a good option for big projects.
  • Users need to execute manual updates of video libraries anytime the program gets updated. 

4. Davinci Resolve

Davinci is a great video editing software supported on a wide range of platforms including Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. This software offers users a complete solution to fix video errors and process videos into good works of art. Besides, unlike other Adobe alternatives on this list, Davinci Resolve offers users a 100% free plan to explore the features of the tool, and the amazing thing of the imitations are just a few. You can rely on helpful video editing features like color grading, color correlation, and many more.


Key Features

  • Allows 3D video editing.
  • Quick access to controls and permissions.
  • Support brand overlay and customizable branding.
  • Supports HD resolution and video stabilization.



  • Offers users broad assets to allow users to edit videos skillfully.
  • The color correction feature is really helpful.
  • It makes it super easy to control the background volume of videos handily.


  • Unlike other tools, Davinci Resolve doesn’t support free trials for users to test the features available.
  • The interface of the tool can be quite confusing.

5. Cyberlink Powerdirector

Last but not least on our list is the Cyberlink Powerdirector, a full-featured video editor program for Mac OS and Windows computers that facilitates easy video editing.

This tool offers users flexibility in editing videos by giving them access to effective tools like effects, titles, and background music that ticks boxes around. Besides that, users can also take advantage of the Full Mode feature, storyboard mode, and slideshow creator to create clean videos in just a few clicks.

Cyberlink Powerdirector offers great quality, and to verify its effectiveness, the service made available a free trial version for users to test its performance before investing in the tool.


  • The full feature editor allows users to have full control over their video using advanced tools.
  • Support 360 video editor and dude show creation.
  • A wide range of free premium plugins and effects are available for users to take advantage of.
  • Add texts, and voice-overs, and perform basic editing of videos without compromising quality.



  • Availability of free trial to test the features of the tool.
  • The service always updates the features of the tool regularly.
  • Great for executing basic video editing operations.


  • The interface could be a bit confusing for experienced and inexperienced users.
  • Doesn’t support many advanced tools, so it might not be a great option for users looking to perform advanced video editing tasks.



There you have it – the top 5 Adobe Premiere Pro alternatives. The video editors introduced on this page offer the quality any user would ever ask for, and the truth is their effectiveness is backed by users’ critics. So, irrespective of the Adobe Premiere Pro alternative you’re looking to employ, just make sure you read the key features, pros, and cons of the tools and endure it has all it takes to satisfy your video editing needs. 

That being said, if you ask us ‘Which is the best Adobe Premiere Pro alternative?’ We would say using Wondershare Filmora is advisable because it executes video editing operations lightning fast and it supports unique features that lots of other video editor apps don’t have.

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