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Top Drivers for Choosing to Outsource IT Services

IT Services
IT Services

Having the ability to bring a new product to market faster, update and manage existing applications more efficiently, and incorporate employees with a high degree of knowledge may all be achieved through the use of web development outsourcing for software and application development. It should come as no surprise that 64% of all services outsourced are software and application development.

In uncertain and tumultuous times, business drivers make business agility, digital transformation, and cost optimization must-haves. There are a lot more agile product development, composable architectures, cloud leverage, business process transformation, and transformational web development outsourcing deals than there used to be. This is because market drivers like IT service industrialization, intelligent automation, and the decrease in managed infrastructure cost per unit, along with growing concerns about specific talent scarcity and fee increases, are driving these changes.

To successfully achieve increased digital performance, businesses must quickly change their IT delivery model to a new mix of insourced and outsourced skills. With dynamic web development outsourcing, the goal is to get business results quickly. The dynamic outsourcing process lets businesses change by using a sprint-style, agile approach to get outsourced IT services companies to deliver complex, outcome-based managed service and solution deals quickly.

There are almost an infinite number of ways to solve an IT problem or meet a business need. Some of these ways are to outsource the infrastructure, outsource the software development, buy consulting services, build a global shared services location for process delivery, or start a joint venture for co-innovation.

These are some of the main IT and software products/solutions driving the need to outsource:

  • New business initiatives
  • Digital product development
  • Rapid application development
  • Rapid innovation
  • Custom web software development
  • Legacy application maintenance
  • Public cloud transformation
  • Data center and cloud IaaS
  • Telecom services
  • IoT/OT managed services


As you can see, outsourcing development is crucial for fast and successful growth. Decision-makers need to keep an eye on functions and teams that don’t help the company grow and decide if these functions should be done in-house or by a third party. Even roles like a “virtual” or “fractional” CFO, CIO, or CISO should be considered for outsourcing since they aren’t always in high demand.

When considering outsourcing development, ask yourself three important questions to help you decide what should be outsourced to improve scalability:

Can we grow with the system or team? Is it directly linked to success or revenue?

How does the function’s cost scale as sales increase? Are the operating costs linear, thus offering no long-term competitive advantage?

Does the demand change for the function, system, or team?

Can the function, system, or team grow quickly enough, and can the gap be filled by web development services?

These questions will help you determine how web development outsourcing can bolster resources, speed up the time to market your product, and delegate development for you to focus on more strategic and mission-critical tasks.

Svitla Systems is a digital transformation enabler that collaborates with companies from all industries, from startups to enterprises, always with one goal in mind: deliver value through excellence in software development and quality-driven engagement models. Having successfully completed numerous modernization projects and driven multiple digital initiatives forward, Svitla Systems helps put together the right team of top-tier engineers who immerse themselves in client projects to empower digital transformation.


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