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Trapped at the Lake House: A Real-Life Horror Story

Lake House

The summer before eighth grade, I was at a lake house with my family and our closest friends. I had the worst migraine of my life, and suddenly, I couldn’t open the door to my room, no matter how hard I tried to turn the handle. The door wouldn’t budge, and I was trapped inside. But then I started feeling worse and worse…and then things got really weird!


Summer Camp

While most people look forward to summer as a time to kick back and relax, afternoons spent locked in a tiny room staring out of a window really aren’t my idea of fun. I’m lucky; my parents were raised in warmer climates, so they don’t mind if we cool off with a swim at home or bring ice cream from outside into our air-conditioned house. Some people can’t stand to be inside for too long, especially when it’s hot out – and those people will love your new summer business idea! All you need is some water and some towels – then you’re good to go!


Locking Yourself In Your Room Won’t Work

When you lock yourself in your room, you’re creating a situation where escape is difficult and frightening. If you can’t see what’s happening around you, every noise will become amplified. The more your imagination runs wild, the worse it will be. Trust me: locking yourself in your room won’t solve anything. You need to take control of your fear and force yourself to face your worst nightmare head-on if you want to make it through that night.


You Can Scream Fire! But Who Will Hear?

There are few things more terrifying than being trapped in a fire. But did you know that while it is true your instincts will take over and tell you to escape, even when there’s no obvious way out, you can actually fight against those instincts and make yourself heard? If caught in a burning building, do not panic. Take deep breaths and try to listen to people who may be around you calling for help—they may have some answers on how to escape. Once someone has noticed your presence and called for help, yell as loudly as possible through a closed window or door (if available) until help arrives. It may be difficult—and even painful—but try pushing any furniture or items in your path out of the way if possible.


Getting Out Isn’t Going to Be As Easy As Getting In

When you’re out on a canoe trip, it might be easy to find your way back to shore if you need to leave. When you’re on a lake house vacation with family or friends, getting out isn’t going to be that simple. According to Lock Smiths, there are three primary methods for entering and exiting through locks and another three ways for exiting through a locked gate in case of an emergency. In order to make sure you have enough time, money, and resources to get yourself out of any sticky situation while staying safe during a lockage or gate release, follow these seven steps before heading into a situation where you could get trapped at a lock or an exit gate.


If Someone Tries to Break Into the Cabin, What Should I Do?

If you find yourself trapped, don’t panic. You’re going to be just fine if you follow some basic steps and wait until help arrives. First and foremost, don’t lock yourself in with an intruder. If someone tries to break into your cabin, take one of your flashlights—preferably with a red lens or cover that won’t shine through your curtains—and push it out through a window. Try to attract attention and tell whoever is outside that you need help right away—if possible, talk loud enough so they can hear you through the glass even if it looks like they have their head covered.


How Can I Get Help?

If you find yourself trapped in your own home, call 911 and stay as calm as possible. While you’re waiting for authorities to arrive, locate a heavy object (like a lamp or vase) and bust out any nearby windows to get fresh air inside. This can buy you valuable time while rescue workers make their way to your location. When they do, they may send a fire truck equipped with a ladder; if so, climb onto it and then jump into their arms. If no truck is available, grab an inflatable mattress or other buoyant items (and be ready to swim) in order to safely exit your home through one of its windows.


What if Everyone Goes Crazy?

If you’re trapped in a room with someone who is demonstrating erratic and potentially violent behavior, don’t hesitate to call for help. Even if it means phoning emergency services from inside your locked house—which is what one family had to do when their son became locked in from an undiagnosed brain condition. Recently, Gregory Favre of France broke into his parents’ home and threatened them with a knife, refusing their efforts to remove him. It was only when police arrived that they discovered Favre was mentally ill. His parents were worried something like this might happen eventually because he had exhibited irrational behavior after getting locked inside a room as a child.


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