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Use Amazing Plugins to Start Your WordPress Site

Amazing Plugins
Amazing Plugins

WordPress is one of the most popular ways people create websites these days, and it is clear to see why. It is flexible, requires almost zero coding or strict technical knowledge, and has hundreds of great plugins that add to its functionality. In order to stay on the top, you will need the best possible tools. For that reason, we present you with the following five plugins that we would dare call “mandatory” at this point, thanks to their usefulness.


So much more than just a plugin, Elementor is one of the most popular website builders, and definitely the most popular WordPress site builder.
If you have your set on a winning WordPress site but either can’t or don’t want to code, You’re going to want to consider using Elementor.
With its intuitive drag and drop editor, 90+ widgets, and hundreds of designer-made templates, just about anyone can create the website they’ve always dreamed of. Elementor now offers built-in, cloud-based WordPress hosting
. You can now rely on the site builder to create and host your WordPress site. Plans start at $99 per year.

WP Force SSL

The first one is WP Force SSL, a security-oriented plugin that enhances the protection of your site. Its purpose is to resolve any SSL difficulties in seconds, saving you time that you would otherwise spend troubleshooting the issue. The plugin may also be used for monitoring and prevention, verifying the SSL certificate in real-time. The tool is available in two versions: Pro and Free versions. The free version of the plugin comes with many tests that validate various SSL settings. Automatic monitoring, 404 redirect testing, and more features come with the commercial edition.

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WP 301 Redirects

Once our WordPress sites are up and running, we hope to attract more visitors. We’re currently working on marketing strategies and hoping for the best. However, we regularly run across problems that we were not expecting. One of the most common problems is that visitors come to a “404 page” instead of the content they were looking for.

This issue is why the WP 301 Redirects plugin exists. This excellent plugin ensures that your visitors never see the 404 page and are always directed to the content they were looking for.

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WP Sticky

Sticky components allow users to quickly migrate from one page of your website to the next and get what they need. Aside from WP Sticky, there is a bevy of additional sticky header choices. These sticky components may also be made using HTML and CSS code solely, but this requires a lot of technical know-how and is a lengthy process. WP Sticky is a lot more user-friendly and beginner-friendly option. You want to provide your users with as many options as possible, making your content conveniently accessible and minimizing user annoyance.

Great, but what if you are operating a WooCommerce business from your WordPress site and need specific functionalities? Well, have no fear, as we have the two best plugins for you.


WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping

WooCommerce’s Table Rate Shipment deals with eCommerce businesses’ delivery and shipping aspects. This sophisticated plugin makes item shipment management as simple as possible by simplifying shipping-related problems. It enables you to create and manage complex shipping rules based on weight, item count, and other key factors. You may divide items into multiple shipping classes for a more complicated design. When delivering similar things this way, you’ll save time. It’s a piece of cake to manage delivery methods. You may rename them, hide them altogether, or import and export them for a more comprehensive look.

WooCommerce Order Export

WooCommerce Order Export is another plugin with various features that make data collection a snap. We require something that will enable us to acquire that data without consuming too much of our time. This tool goes beyond the standard options of exporting a specific data range or data that fit a filter. Using a single click, you can download your WooCommerce data, rearrange columns with drag and drop, and export the data in CSV format. Aside from that, a boatload of automation functions comes with this plugin. You may choose to get reports monthly or weekly, ensuring that you never miss critical information.


As we can see, even the most basic of WordPress sites and blogs could use a few enhancements for added security and usability. We highly recommend you try these plugins on your site as well. You will immediately notice the difference!


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