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What are the current issues in operations management?


In any business venture, products are produced, or services are provided. As a result, certain tasks are performed through a combination of raw materials, processing or assembling various components, using human resources, equipment, tools, and energy. In any business, goods are produced, or service is provided with minimal waste of raw materials and wasted time and effort while ensuring quality.

In establishing this unit, our future leaders need to consider various factors such as size, location, and composition as this affects the efficiency of the work. These factors must be the plan of the student in the project planning phase and should be taken care of in the implementation phase of the project. Following are the issues for operations management. 


Size of a Project

Unit size refers to production capacity or capacity. The size determines the use of technology and, in many cases, the planning of the production process. Plant size should be adjusted, taking into account the economy of the scale. Size also includes features such as land, building, etc., the size of the land should be to care for the storage of immature goods, finished goods, and the construction of a processing/production industry. Its size should be such that it takes care of the current and future needs of the expansion. This can also apply to a building that can be built or rented.



The right business environment is essential for success. Raw materials, skilled workers, and the market help production in the production area. The location of production facilities will depend on their type. Resource-based units such as agro-industry; proximity to a raw material source is a definite benefit. Similarly, in an industrial area based on demand near the market, it is also recommended in a skills-based industry such as the gold-plating industry, where skilled workers are found to be suitable. The unit to be located in a residential or commercial area must be aware of by-laws and should not be a nuisance in the area.

It is difficult to set rules, in which case a problem can be fixed, but there are a number of things to consider. It is appropriate to distinguish between site problems and site, location is the normal area, and the site is the selected location within the area. The decision-making process is thus likely to proceed in two phases – in the first phase, a general area is selected, and a thorough site survey is conducted to determine potential sites.


Determining the right location is an extremely important task of operation management. An operations management certification course can help you identify ideal locations to enable maximum profitability for your business.


Plant structure 

 The structure involves determining the need for resource space and planning it in such a way as to ensure a stable operating flow and total cost. In other words, design is a low-level system for arranging desirable buildings, machinery, and equipment in the right place to allow rapid flow of goods and personnel at low cost and a small amount of process handling from acquiring raw materials. in the export of finished products.


Once planted, it cannot be easily altered or modified without incurring significant costs on the one hand and disrupting performance on the other hand. Therefore, structural decisions are strategic decisions and should be considered when planning a new business. Good design results in comfort, convenience, better appearance, safety, efficiency, and profitability. Informal planning causes congestion, disruption of human flow and materials, accidents, delays, and a rejection that leads to frustration and inefficiency. Different types of the industry will require different types of structures that suit specific functions of that industry, e.g., The production unit building includes workshop factory design, immature goods yards, finished clothing stores, generators, press rooms, etc.

Regardless of the type and level of structure, the following features should be kept in mind, namely, which will be specifically considered when you do any operations management certification to specialize in the field.

  1. High utilization of available space
  2. Compliance with production technology and product mix
  3. Small movements of men and objects
  4. Provide a suitable repair site
  5. Arrangement of appropriate transport space and parking space
  6. Encourages effective monitoring
  7. Proper lighting and ventilation
  8. Provision for greater flexibility
  9. Safety of drivers and other personnel
  10. Minor handling of items

In addition, the construction of the factory and the production process need to be approved by the government and local authorities. It is best to consult with someone who is experienced in the field, such as an industrial planner.


Product design 

The product or service offered is the backbone of any business. So, what and how production is the first step in the implementation process? The image of a business and its potential for profit are influenced by product design. Product design, once determined, lasts a long time, so you should always keep in mind potential changes in location, technology, and consumer preferences for the next 5 years. It is said that the more time a person spends on product development, the better their chances of success. The following conditions apply to the design of a new product:

  1. Suspension.
  2. Honesty.
  3. Security.
  4. After-sales service.
  5. Reproduction.
  6. Sustainability.
  7. Simplification.
  8. Product quality.
  9. Product costs.
  10. Product value.


Production Design 

After product development comes production is divided into two stages Planning and Evaluation. Planning is important in mass production, as well as in the production of a continuous process because the main purpose is to plan the flow of material through the production process. Simply put, planning is the process of organizing and keeping track of employees, equipment, and resources. It decides when to start work on a specific command and complete it. Editing is usually done with timetables. A good professional plan shows the total number of products that will be produced per week or month. In reality, although, the ideal timetable is unusual since it is not always feasible to assure that all variables are accessible at the appropriate time and at the correct price. In addition, there are always unanticipated issues.


Bottom Line

Operations have an impact on almost every area of a company. Operations management is at work when a firm wants to run smoothly, develop its business, please consumers, and generate money. This article is a summary of some common issues. For more updates, follow great learning. You can learn to tackle this issue by doing any recognized operations management course from any renowned institution.


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