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What Does a Gauge Chart Convey?

Gauge chart

A gauge chart is a great tool for visualizing a piece of information that needs to be easily digested by a variety of different users. With the help of this kind of visualization method, presenting a single piece of information that can be understood by industry experts and those with minimal knowledge surrounding the particular component alike is easy and highly informative.

Gauge charts map progress toward a goal, a scaled result, or other indexed data points. A gauge chart can be broken down into categories as well, making a nuanced visualization that conveys a number of critical pieces of information with a singular chart representation. With easy-to-understand minimum and maximum value figures and built-in categories that range across these values, a gauge system presents data in an easy-to-understand way that makes taking action a simple process from data output to strategy session. Using this chart type can transform the way your corporate team makes decisions and continues to pursue the excellence that each member of the team strives for.

Gauge charts offer blended data representation that’s easy to understand.

Gauge systems provide some of the easiest data representation visualizations in the entire catalog of options that a chart designer can utilize. One example of this type of representation is in the BMI count that doctors and other medical professionals use to determine healthy weight metrics for their patients. The BMI scale runs from 14 to 34 and can be broken down into categories ranging from “low” to “obese.” Scaling up each category with a different color can provide both metric information and categorical data to the average user. Whether you’re a doctor sitting across from your patient or a patient communicating through novel telehealth plugins that have made a splash in the last few years, this easy-to-use formulation provides the necessary information in an easily digestible format.

Another representation of this chart type is the credit score we all rely on for borrowing and lending. Creditors weigh up credit histories with a keen eye for detail on a variety of different factors. But credit ratings all come down to the score assigned at any given time. Credit scores run from “fair” to “excellent,” and breaking these categories both numerically and into each nominal bucket can help a lender make better decisions about borrower applications for financing. As well, a borrower can easily identify steps that can be taken to improve a less-than-stellar credit score with maximum effect.

Gauge systems can be leveraged to help push a team toward its goals.

The maximum value on a gauge chart can be used as an end goal signifier for your team as well. Instead of utilizing this system to present information that is meant to be consumed by decision-makers and other stakeholders, building an internal target value that helps your team understand and meet its goals can help you build camaraderie and a sense of purpose within your organization.

When used in tandem with state-of-the-art cloud server systems, building simple and intuitive metrics that can be tracked by everyone in the office in real time is easy and can provide great additional feedback to the entire team. Managing the expectations and continued performance of each team member takes innovative and results-driven solutions, and with the help of simple data products that take the guesswork out of understanding the meaning and next steps of the dataset and current information, building better teamwork is something that every brand can achieve within its ranks.

Utilizing gauge charts can help you identify target values within your team and beyond in order to pursue the very best in all that you do.

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