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What Does an Investor Relations Officer Need Today?

Investor Relations

As an IRO, you’re constantly searching for more efficient and effective ways to understand your shareholders and target them with precision. This already colossal task is harder now than ever, as the relationship between public companies and stakeholders is evolving. More still, you’re operating at a time of major regulatory upheaval and increased activism. 

With these challenges ahead, IROs must choose their tech wisely. IR software can either elevate your investor relations strategy, or it can drag it down. 

So what are the hallmarks of the right software? To help you measure the impact of your investor relations strategy and turn it into actionable insights, you need an end-to-end IR platform. 

An end-to-end IR platform helps you amplify these five broad yet crucial areas of your strategy.

1. IR Website

Your investor website is a goldmine of information about who’s visiting your brand and how long they’re spending on each page. 

An end-to-end IR platform will help you review key assets and events that drive your performance, including page views, top-visit pages, and dwell time from shareholders. These insights can help you spot behavioral changes and alert you to possible activist movements before surveillance reports and 13-F filings. 

2. ESG Website

In today’s climate crisis, an IR website isn’t enough for your strategy. Any modern IPO, SPAC, or public company must have an ESG website to remain relevant today. Both institutional and retail investors show growing interest in environmental and social responsibility. 

Last year, sustainable funds doubled, growing by an impressive 10% in Q4 alone, and experts forecast ESG assets have a good chance of increasing again in 2022. 

This growth is all but ensured by the SEC’s most recent proposal to strengthen ESG disclosure rules that would mandate companies to reveal their annual emissions and climate risks. 

With such a spotlight on sustainability and social responsibility, it’s imperative you work with IR tools that simplify your ESG website. Like your standard IR site, it should let you make updates easily and securely and track engagements. 

3. Corporate Access Virtual Events& Conferences

More than two years since your first virtual event, the world is entering a new era of the pandemic. While many of the sharp restrictions on gatherings have been lifted, few IROs are going back to hosting entirely in-person corporate access events. A hybrid model is the new normal of investor conferences and events, combining both in-person and digital formats and audiences. 

An end-to-end IR platform will neatly incorporate analytics generated by your hybrid corporate access virtual events and conferences, including roundtables, roadshows, and webcasts. 

The top IR software providers are an invaluable resource for your corporate access to virtual events and conferences. They have industry-leading consultants available to demonstrate how to run a virtual investor conference online. 

4. CRM IR Data

All too often, critical investor data gets siloed in multiple apps, spread across spreadsheets, documents, and analog files. Several challenges come from this kind of setup. Not only does it take you longer to find information, but your team is more likely to make duplicate entries or errors when transposing information. 

An end-to-end IR platform tears down these silos with a fully integrated, cloud-based CRM desktop application. ACRM desktop aggregates all your data on contacts in one place, making it easier and faster to access communications, documents, and tasks associated with the buy- and sell-side. 

5. Shareholder Analytics

The right software will peel back the curtains on your shareholders, letting you collect and analyze disclosure requests, share register lists, and other data that goes beyond public information. With greater visibility into your shareholder base, you’ll be able to curate a stronger investor relations strategy that targets the right people at the right time. 

An end-to-end IR platform collects important information from all avenues so that you can understand your capital flows and adapt your strategy on a dime.

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