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Why the Gravastar Mars Pro Speaker is the Best on the Market

Gravastar Mars Pro
Gravastar Mars Pro

A lot of audiophiles, both hobbyists and professionals, have high standards for their audio equipment. If you’re looking to enhance your sound experience, the Gravastar Mars Pro speaker was born with a dual speaker system design with a passive bass radiator to create big sound in a small enclosure—a perfect addition to any personal or professional setup, large or small. We are excited to bring you this exclusive interview with the founder of Gravastar, Mr. Fergus Beardmore, to learn more about the Tech Bable behind this award-winning device. Get ready to hear all about it!

Introduction Of Gravastar Mars Pro

The top-selling speaker in its class with a proven level of quality, durability, and innovation. The sound that comes out of it is second to none. With dual high-performance 40mm drivers and a passive bass radiator, it will fill any room you put it in with rich sound while still maintaining crystal clear highs and lows. Thanks to its small design, you can take your music anywhere you go! Whether you’re enjoying an audiobook on your morning commute or jamming to your favorite album at home, it’s all about good music – something that everyone appreciates. Now imagine enjoying all these amazing features for less than $50! More 0x0 0x0

Active Bass Radiator

In order to create big sound in a small enclosure, we integrated an active bass radiator that’s specifically tuned to deliver great quality without sacrificing portability. We didn’t stop there—we also went ahead and added two passive bass radiators for extra sub-bass resonance. The result is one of the most satisfyingly deep sounds you can find in a speaker of any size. Sound so big, that you could mistake it for a full-sized system with multiple speakers. Or if you prefer your space more compact, why not bring it with you when you travel? You’ll wonder how any hotel room got along without its own Bose® SoundTouchTM-connected multiroom music system! More Google Pixel Buds Pro

Room Flexibility

Other portable speakers can be pretty big, and not everyone wants to pack a huge speaker in their luggage. The Gravastar Mars Pro has a lightweight aluminum enclosure that’s easy to fit into any bag or suitcase. It also comes with an external 3.5mm auxiliary input if you want to hook up non-Bluetooth devices as well as a USB charging port for your phone. It won’t blast out sound like its larger counterparts, but it’s great for setting down near your bedside or in another room at home. Also, because it doesn’t have separate drivers dedicated to bass, its sound isn’t compromised when you move away from its optimal listening position—something that’s true of most smaller speaker designs! More Raven Gadgets

Gravastar Mars Charging Base

The Gravastar speaker comes with a charging base that can be powered by any USB source. The charge time for an hour of playtime is 6 hours, so it’s important to keep your speaker charged to keep your party going! A 10-minute charge will provide up to 2 minutes of playtime. For example, if you start playing at 7:00 pm and take a 20-minute break at 8:30 pm, you have enough power for 4 more songs before needing to recharge. Keep in mind that if you are using both speakers at full volume, there isn’t much power left over for charging!

Long Battery Life

The Gravastar Mars Pro offers up to 30 hours of battery life. Now you can listen to music, stream your favorite podcast or podcast, and tune into your favorite game for an entire weekend without needing to charge it. Its bigger speaker means you will be getting higher quality sound as well. With a frequency response range from 70Hz to 20KHz and SRS sound enhancement technology, you will be able to hear all of your favorite tracks in their full glory. The speaker also comes with a LED battery life indicator so that you will always know how much power you have left before it needs recharging again.

Custom Color Options

The past few years have seen an explosion of color in high-end speaker design. Now, you can choose a speaker that matches your iPhone (or any other color you want) instead of having to settle for a boring black or white box. But not every company makes their speakers in more than one shade; if you want more colors than just black and white, make sure you look for options that allow you to get your hands on customized colors. There are tons of companies out there who will happily let you pick whatever color matches your style!

Durable and Water Resistant

Gravastar’s ability to make speakers water-resistant with a moisture-proof IPX5 rating means they’re built to withstand not only splashes of water and sweat, but also mild rain. Also, unlike many Bluetooth speakers that can’t be fully submerged in water, you don’t have to worry about immersing your Gravastars in up to three feet of water; they can survive being fully submerged for up to 30 minutes. All models are made from strong materials like aluminum and rubber for durability—even if a speaker falls out of your backpack during a hike, you can be sure it will hold up over time. More Edifier TWS330 NB earbuds

Final Thoughts

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