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Why to get GlassManager software?

We manage your Glass business by purchasing, order and inventory management, profit calculation, pricing, cutting, and designing glass that makes you stand out from the queue of competitors.

  1. Get a sneak peek of all the useful information like staff hours, purchases made and invoices of the sale at a couple of clicks.
  2. Contribute to a noble deed by not using paper, thanks to online documentation which avoids double-entry of data too. Rather, information will be stored in the software securely.
  3. Gives your business access to real-time data. All the dashboards and reports provide real-time data to get updated easily and quickly.
  4. Provides the field staff with project details and schedules remotely along with the access to upload files in real-time.
  5. For the workforce to coordinate smoothly, features like Calendar, Task management, and Mobile timesheets increase the visibility of employees.
  6. It improves customer satisfaction by giving glass estimates accurately with their approvals assuring timely work at an affordable price.


How do GlassManager works?

After working with Glaziers for over a decade, we strategically help glass business to grow.

  1. Mobile App: An application turns work compatibly easy at your fingers. The field staff can easily use features like Calendar and upload files which makes the information organized.
  2. Glass Estimates and Quotes: Calculating the estimate and giving quotations turn into a small task. Just Pick the material, and draft an email along with the attachment and template by the software itself. The clients can examine and approve easily.
  3. Job Management: Manage your workforce in a streamlined way. Keep an eye on project status, track hours, allot team and review documentation of the job.
  4. Reports and dashboard: It helps in increasing visibility by real-time dashboard as well as report insights. It aims at calculating overall employees’ productivity and profitability.
  5. Accounting Integration: Instead of multiple data entries, it enables synchronization of the accounting department with the service department.
  6. Scheduling and Dispatch: For jobs to get completed on time, staff can use a Calendar that tracks upcoming work as well.
  7. Vendors and Purchase orders: Get a list of all the vendors, and create purchase orders instantly by issuing single orders.
  8. Invoicing and Payments: Opt from various types of invoice creation, which results in quick billing, and payments can be completed anywhere by online method.
  9. Customer Management: Manage the information about the customer and customize their account to hand them a never-before-experienced.
  10. Materials Management: Access all the information about glass material, supplies, and hardware with the respective price in one place, for different customers.
  11. AIA Style Billing: Set your scheduled values, fill out the forms required and the bill will be generated as per their process in the software itself.


Don’t doublethink when it comes to your business, get our glass business software now.

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